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sPlOrYgOn 14-08-2007 21:58

"BOT" on scoreboard
It'd be great if there was an option to give these guys "BOT" for their latency on the scoreboard :thumbup:

MPNumB 22-02-2008 16:31

Re: "BOT" on scoreboard
remove "BOT" using amxx:
"set_user_info(bot_index, "*bot", "0");"

add "BOT" using amxx:
"set_user_info(bot_index, "*bot", "1");"

P.S. Only for hl-version (CS1.6).

The Storm 22-02-2008 17:23

Re: "BOT" on scoreboard
Same trick is possible at the bot code too, not only with amxx, E[POD]bot and YaPB already do it(maybe and some other bots that I didn't checked from long time).

KWo 21-05-2008 08:44

Re: "BOT" on scoreboard
Added in V3B19h. Please try and tell me if You are happy now.

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