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osensei 17-06-2005 18:48

Little sumthin 4 da suggestion box
Well done guyz! Mean is the best! But as you well know, some Mean functionality can be lost depending on how the mod is implemented with other mods.

I speak mainly of Mean along side Adminmod/AMX Mod and (of course) Metamod. If the server op chooses to use the "WITH OUT BOTS" method of installation, then some of the BOT enhancement features are lost. On the other hand, if the "WITH OR WITHOUT BOTS" installation method is used, then some of the fun stuff is disabled from the other mods. You know the "HEADSHOT!", "ULTRA KILL!", "MONSTER KILL!" and the like that comes with mods like AMX MOD. I really miss those.

Which brings me to my main topic. The reason I choose to run other admin mods along side Mean is to provide slot reservation. Other than the reservation of slots, I think Mean would be the perfect standalone admin package. As you know this functionality is vital to us greedy bastards that wish to sell reserve slots. So why not see the error of your Bolshovik ways and add some slot reservation features for us decadant capitalist bousoirsees. I mEan, if you had slot reservation why would we need the other mods in the first place? Oh yeah! I forgot to mention a stats feature as well.

So having said all of that, you guys have your work cut out for you so get to it!

Peace Comrades! :)

botmeister 18-06-2005 10:41

Re: Little sumthin 4 da suggestion box
One goal I had planned is to make mEAn a metamod plugin, that should allow it to co-exist better with other metamod plugins.

I think I have some slot reservation stuff built in, but it was not finished.

Don't forget the source code is available if anyone has the skills and enough insanity to try and enhance it.

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