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lore 07-09-2004 09:37

when i add around about over 4 bots to a server, about 5 mins later, the game exits to the desktop, i have also found that the 0.9 version of Grogbot does not attack the user when a bot is placed on ur team, but in v1.0, the bots attack each other

also when i installed grogbot and the bugfix (i had installed the bug fixs while all of these events were happening), the bowmen was missing his bow! and only had the crossbow and sword, and all of the other units were missing their key weapons to (only 1 weapon)

it worked best on steam with it pluged into metamod, but it still gets out of the game, but it takes a bit longer to do so

plz help

Akz 07-09-2004 10:05

Re: problem
Weird problems, definetly.
Are you using the all-mod support metamod? Also notice that GrogBot isn't a metamod plugin.

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