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TomTom 05-10-2017 19:56

FritzBot Dev for ET
Just a quick mention for now. I am starting to upload some packed up work intended to be installed as a separate mod \fritzbot-dev\ .
Using a separate directory we can share our work overwriting files without affecting our own \fritzbot\ directory. For testers they can have the official pure server experience in the \fritzbot mod or the unpure server experimental WIP experience on a wider range of maps in \fritzbot-dev\ . It might even be possible to test minor hacks of the dll files (string or parameter changes).
The first packs are revision 2017-09.

packs 1 to 3 will be;
(1) the core dlls, bot files, minimal docs,
(2) the extended docs including full updated wiki,
(3) the waypointing tools and other waypointer assets.

Waypoint packs 0 to x will be;
(0) the 4 released official waypoint packs,
(1) released single waypoint pk3 files, including updates to the official waypoints,
(2) waypointer subfolder for work not considered safe (may crash, mapname conflicts, waypointer conflicts),
(3) Playable WIPs etc snapshot from waypointer TomTom,
(4) Playable WIPs etc snapshot from waypointer _____
(5) Playable WIPs etc snapshot from waypointer _____ etc...

At some point soon I hope packs 1-3 and waypoints packs mentionned 0-4 can go into a single file for an all-in-one.

TomTom 07-10-2017 01:35

Re: FritzBot Dev for ET
Part 3 (waypointing tools) is in the file-base now, along with an off-line version of Denny's RTCW tutorial (for comparison...)


Note it lacks the help articles for Hobbit's waypointing tool. Those will take some digging to see if I have any old copies offline.
Update: it looks like I may only have the last 5 of 11 webpages of the Waypoint tool guide, 3 of which I saved in mht which will take a little while to convert back. So I'll leave it out for this month.

TomTom 09-10-2017 05:34

Re: FritzBot Dev for ET
Waypoint Pack 0 is now in the file-base


Waypoint pack 0 contains the 4 released official waypoint packs, with 2 changes.
(1) Non-waypoint content is removed from the Fritz0 file in this pack (the removed content will be in the Part 1 main pack file still to be posted). New file is named Fritz0-WayPt-only.pk3.
(2) 420Blunt's 1.01 corrections to industry2 of 9-23-2007, are included in Fritz2 (so it is renamed to Fritx2_1.01.pk3).
Loose read-mes etc are in a new subfolder to the docs directory. the docs \forum subfolder has the text of the waypoint packs announcement threads.

The one situation I can think of to not install this pack is if your intent is to redo/test the waypointed maps covered in the official waypoint packs. That way no confusion can arise as to whether the old or new waypoint files get loaded (typically happens if you forget to set an impure server first).

TomTom 09-10-2017 09:47

Re: FritzBot Dev for ET
And finally Pack 1 of the FritzBot-Dev core files is now in the file-base :guns:


This is intended as the first pack to be installed from your Wolfenstein-Enemy-Territory root, creating the fritzbot-dev subfolder. Once installed add the other pack files that have the content you are interested in. For users the second and third pack are optional. For testers and especially for waypointers the second and third packs are recommended. After the core packs are installed, install the waypoint packs that are desired. That means for most everyone the Waypoints0 pack is next in the installation order. (more waypoint packs will follow as time allows this month).

(I'm a bit rushed but hopefully nothing has been left out in these first 4 packs).

TomTom 10-11-2017 11:49

Re: FritzBot Dev for ET

Originally Posted by TomTom (Post 66885)
Part 3 (waypointing tools) is in the file-base now, along with an off-line version of Denny's RTCW tutorial (for comparison...)

I noticed a mistake. I dropped the dll file for Hobbit's Waypointing Tool in the wrong directory. Just move ICSharpCode.TextEditor.dll from the \tools folder to the \tools\Hobbits-WaypointTool sub-folder. It is needed for edit functions in the aiscript part.

I'll correct the mistake when I update the file with the missing help pages.

( Sorry for the delay on the next file (my waypointer's snapshot). My only excuse is real life and my precaution of a quick test of each map's waypoints )

TomTom 12-12-2017 05:53

Re: FritzBot Dev for ET
Sorry for the delay, reviewing past work is taking more time than expected.
My Waypoint Snapshot Pack 4a is now in the file-base :guns:


A listing is in a subfolder to the docs directory inside the zip file.

All waypoints are playable, 4 of these 64 waypoints need more navigation testing. (And just in time...4 waypoints are for Christmas themed maps)
All these waypoints require sv_pure to be set to zero (unpure server),
in order to get the bots to play.

A further Waypoint Snapshot Pack 4b should be ready before Easter I hope

2dom1 **, 2hide_cal_r1,
alps_trail, am_hydro_dam, antarctica **,
base55_b1, beta_low_mount_ass, blitz,
bloody_omaha_b2, boromir_a2,
bremen_b1, bremen_b2 *,
bremen_final *, bremen_truckmod *, bulldog,
citadel, coast_b1, coldfortb1, ctf_maat_final,
desertfortress, desertrats,
destruction_final, drush,
element_b4_1 ***, eltz_beta1,
erdenberg_b2, erdenberg_t1,
falx_ctf_village_b2, frost2_final,
goldendunk_a2 **,
Haemar_b1, heli_m1_b2, heli_m2_b1,
karsiah_te2 *,
mountainpass (June 11 2016 version),
necrology_final, northpole, outpost,
parisbastille_b3, pipeline,
pirates, primesquadron, purefrag ***,
raid_b4, raid_final, Ramelle_b1,
tm_lcity_b4, tram_et, tram_rtcw, trooptrain (120) **,
uje_hospital_sniper ***, uje_mall, UJE_oasis_xmas,
uje_oil, urbanterritory44,
warmissile_beta1, warmissile_fp4, weisbaden_final,
western (Beta 1), wolken1_final,

* Playable campless waypoints, for waypointer practice
** Playable but Navigation tests continue
*** Death match\sniper, no map objectives

madmax2 04-01-2018 22:14

Re: FritzBot Dev for ET
I've played ET with Fritzbot with your waypoints (and waypoints from other contributors) for many years. Just wanted to say thank-you for your continued support of fritzbot over the years.

I haven't been playing ET lately, but just downloaded some of the maps in waypoints4a, and looking forward to some fritzbot fun on some fresh maps... You do excellent work. Thanks man...:thumbup:

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