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Ghost1104 18-06-2005 16:20

HPB_Bot and Statsme
hi all

at first ..... great forum and great support here
then ..... sorry for my english (hehe) i am german 9_9

and now my brob...

my server (a reanted linux server hldm1) runnes very fine with hpb ..... but i try to install statsme (for psychostats) and if i restart the server then the server crashed if the bot try to join...

hpb allone worked fine (without statsme)
and statsme allone work fine too (without hpb)

whats happen there ?? can anybody help me ??

btw. if you need any infos about the server .... let me know and i will post it ...

Thx all

Greets Marc

Pierre-Marie Baty 19-06-2005 19:24

Re: HPB_Bot and Statsme
Which version of the HPB_bot are you using ?

KWo 19-06-2005 20:04

Re: HPB_Bot and Statsme
What version of metamod and what version of StatsMe?

Ghost1104 19-06-2005 21:50

Re: HPB_Bot and Statsme
metamod 1.17.1 (cause bubblemod)
hpb_bot_mm_i386. (is 4 i think)
statsme 2.8.3


KWo 19-06-2005 22:21

Re: HPB_Bot and Statsme
Go to Your statsme.cfg file (in statsme folder) and find these lines:

// Rank by AUTHID
// If you play with bots, or on a LAN Server you should *not* enabled Rank by AUTHID
sm_storebyauth 1

and change the last one to

sm_storebyauth 0

Ghost1104 19-06-2005 22:37

Re: HPB_Bot and Statsme
hhm that i have ........ i changed that but still not work :-(

Ghost1104 20-06-2005 01:32

Re: HPB_Bot and Statsme
ohh no .. its HPB_Bot 3 ....... but still dont work :-(

KWo 20-06-2005 08:32

Re: HPB_Bot and Statsme
Copy and paste here Your metamod's plugins.ini file. We need to know what plugins else You have there.

Ghost1104 20-06-2005 12:57

Re: HPB_Bot and Statsme
linux addons/statsme/dlls/statsme_mm_i386.so
linux addons/adminmod/dlls/admin_MM_i386.so
linux addons/logd-
linux addons/logmod/dlls/logmod_mm_i386.so
linux addons/metamod/dlls/sc-prot_mm_i586.so
linux addons/metamod/dlls/nowallgauss_mm_i586.so
linux addons/HPB_bot/hpb_bot_mm_i386.so

thats all ......... i cant understand it :-/

KWo 20-06-2005 13:05

Re: HPB_Bot and Statsme
Are You sure it's statsme is in the conflict with HPB_BOT? I mean this - need to try disable all plugins in Your plugins.ini (by semicolon at beginning of the ecah line) except hpb_bot_mm_i386.so and then step by step enable plugin by plugin (still with hpb_bot enabled) to see which one doesn't like HPB_Bot.
How about these plugins You have in metamod\dlls directory (what they are supposed to do what?)

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