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fatchao 09-08-2006 00:16

All-in-One for DOD?
I was looking all over this site for an All-In-One Installer with the AMX X mod and bots for Day of Defeat, but i cant find one. Is there one?? I got one for Counter Strike 1.6 with all that, but not DOD. Help Please?? I dont get internet access very often so i need to play with bots!

Ancient 09-08-2006 01:00

Re: All-in-One for DOD?
DoD is different from Cstrike as I heard.

There are a few bots like ShrikeBot and Sturmbot.

Sturmbot is located at http://sturmbot.1dod.com
Shrikebot http://shrikebot.bots-united.com

I don't know if AmX X works with DoD, but you can try if you want.

KWo 09-08-2006 09:30

Re: All-in-One for DOD?

Originally Posted by Ancient
I don't know if AmX X works with DoD, but you can try if you want.

Yes, it does. :)
You may need to ask any DoD bot developer to make the All-In-One.

fatchao 09-08-2006 20:30

Re: All-in-One for DOD?
yea i know they do because i play on servers that have the AMX X mod, but there is no all-in-one installer for dod here? Kwo, i have your all-in-one installer for Counter strike 1.6, or i think its yours. if it is, then thanks a lot for it.

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