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mephke 08-05-2005 14:13

WIP 9 @ Linux: Autokick bots??
Hi there,

I've been reading every post possible and searching google for the autokick tools but i just havent found one yet..

So i have a linux server, with cs 1.6 dedicated installed, and i wish to use the bots.

The bots work just fine. But when a human player joins i cant get it to work that one of the bots will disconnect.

Can anybody help me to get this fixed for the WIP bot 9 version?

I've also read a post about a autokick tool that should be out there, but i havent found this for linux yet.

Thanks a lot for your reply :)

S1L3nT 02-06-2005 02:38

Re: WIP 9 @ Linux: Autokick bots??
Having the same exact problem here. I need to have an auto-kick (and I run it on linux.) I doubt they made a auto-kick plug-in since it hasn't been officially released, but it would be a great idea if someone made one.

KWo 07-06-2005 12:16

Re: WIP 9 @ Linux: Autokick bots??
For this moment for sure the function auto add/kick bot is implemented in podbot mm. How does it work read here:
(find the string "Auto add/kick bot function").

It's easy to implement in any bot (I guess) - so You need to ask Stefan - maybe one day he will write it. :)

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