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Drek 24-02-2006 19:44

Bots Filling Server
I've just switched my server from Windows XP to GNU/Linux, and I thought I'd give JoeBot a try again, after having problems with instability when I last tried it. I saw there was a new version which was supposed to fix these problems, great.

Well I set it up, and fired up the server, and the server started nicely and bots were added, and kept being added, and kept on being added until I started getting little messages that the no more bots could be added because the server was full...

I've got everything set in the bot.cfg, and I tried copying that config to joebot.cfg. I tried both the metamod plugin and the standard version. The same thing keeps happening. I've got max_bots 8 in the bot.cfg, but that seems to be being completely ignored, and I've also set the JoeBot clan tag to be [JOE] but that also is being ignored, so I'm guessing that somehow the bot.cfg is not being loaded.

I'm wondering what I am missing, or if there is a major bug here.

bot.cfg default configuration with the exception of deleting the [JoE] and [J0E] tags.

Drek 24-02-2006 20:01

Re: Bots Filling Server
Ah, its ok, I've got it working now. I don't know exactly what the issue was but I had the aggression tag cvar on without using the aggression tags. Anyway, I deleted the bot.cfg and configured the joebot.cfg and everything is working fine now. Sorry for the trouble.

Just some feedback though, if you are looking for it, the two config files are confusing. I'm not sure if there is a good reason for having the two, but it seems to me it would be more user friendly to only have one.

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