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cheezomlet 29-01-2015 13:32

Re: jk_botti v1.43 release!

Originally Posted by The Storm (Post 66109)
Use 7-Zip to open the archive.

Thank you!
I installed the older version in a dedicated Linux server yesterday and it hasn't crashed yet, Must have been the windows box I was on last time...
I will try the newer version once I crash.

Persephone 12-06-2017 19:29

Re: jk_botti v1.43 release!
Dude, I like your BOT

They are pretty tough, their evasion are great, but if fighting against another BOT (such HPB_BOT or Akimbot) sometimes jk_botti got a little trouble :D

Roberto 17-05-2018 01:19

Re: jk_botti v1.43 release!
These are my favorite bots for HLDM. Some of the reasons are: they jump and try to dodge a lot like humans would, and I have some maps that I want to play but don't want to bother making waypoints for so it's nice to have autowaypoints.

I wish they would deploy tripmines though.

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