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g0nz0uk 08-05-2014 10:00

Re: jk_botti v1.43 release!
Thanks, yes my HDLS had crashed, I need to somehow get it to automatically start up afer a crash.

AP-UK Deathmatch is now online :)

Got stats working too

Is it easy to edit waypoints?

It is a shame more are not using this bot to keep it moving further, it is great but needs a tweak on some maps I think.


joeysmile 09-05-2014 08:45

Re: jk_botti v1.43 release!
its down again, run it as a service, then it will automatically restart...

nice stats, but i didnt run stats on my servers, to avoid rankers, dont like this style of gameplay...

and what bot are u using? or none now? u can set this bot for every map with other settings in cfg, they are not perfect but i think the best, at least in my experience, i have edited only old podbots waypoints for cs, but this should be nearly the same, but of course it needs time

g0nz0uk 09-05-2014 09:03

Re: jk_botti v1.43 release!
How can I run as a service, I need this I think?

My bot is just jk_botti v1.43


joeysmile 09-05-2014 09:11

Re: jk_botti v1.43 release!
there are more ways, for example use the program firedeamon

ahh oki, i misunderstood a little bit your last post...

g0nz0uk 09-05-2014 13:18

Re: jk_botti v1.43 release!
Ah sorry.

I was just asking how I can keep my HL server up using a service?

And you asked what bot plugin I am using and I said jk_botti v1.43

Thanks mate

joeysmile 09-05-2014 16:51

Re: jk_botti v1.43 release!
no, i misunderstood this part:

"It is a shame more are not using this bot to keep it moving further"

i am not native speaking englisham, but now its clear :), no problemo, people should help each other

hope evilspy comes soon here and answers at least some of my questions :)

smurfavr 02-08-2014 21:54

Re: jk_botti v1.43 release!
Can you add a command with which to set the bots to play with the standard model of the player.Currently bots play with models that some players do not have them in the game and do not see the players.

dimapoter 27-11-2014 19:55

Re: jk_botti v1.43 release!

Originally Posted by g0nz0uk (Post 65960)
When searching for a server it says 0/32 on my server eventhough I have 6 bots on there, how can I fix this?


Please don't...

cheezomlet 28-01-2015 16:29

Re: jk_botti v1.43 release!
Is there a windows compresses file I can download?

I was running 1.42 last year and it crashed the server a bit too often. I would love to try the 1.43 because JK_botti bots are by far the BEST bots ever!!


The Storm 28-01-2015 22:35

Re: jk_botti v1.43 release!
Use 7-Zip to open the archive.

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