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Pierre-Marie Baty 20-10-2004 07:39

GraveBot forum is open !
Another crazy coder in the house !

GraveBot is a bot for Science & Industry and HLDM. Check out the website:

The author, Ghoul, just tells me he is about to release a beta very soon, it's a matter of days, perhaps less :)

I hereby declare, on the behalf of the Bots United council, the Grave Bot forum open !

you can all start spamming now :D

Ghoul 20-10-2004 07:43

Re: GraveBot forum is open !
Hehe, thanks Pierre. The website is still being fleshed out, and between working on the bot, the website, and school work, it could take a few days. Questions are always welcome of course, especially considering I have no FAQ or anything written.

Except more in the days to come!

MarD 20-10-2004 21:49

Re: GraveBot forum is open !

Ok, letme be the 1st to do this to this thread then... *SPAM!!!* lol..

Btw, I read up on S&I, n' now I'm intruiged by it, sounds pretty cool, and the idea of stealing and defending scientists make me think this game will be more team-orientated than the usual FPS. (or at least so I hope...)

I'm probably gonna DL S&I and your bot now, n' see how that game plays out. ;)

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