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WolfPlay3r 19-01-2009 04:06

How can I host a server?
Hello, I am trying to host a dedicated server on my friends server with enemy territory - fritzbot running, the only issue that I am having is that my server graphics card isnt enough to load wolfenstein, I keep getting the OpenGL error :P Is there any way I can start fritzbot to load through the console? Like starting a server I have in a batch file (etded.exe +set dedicated 2 + exec serv.cfg) Thanks


TomTom 19-01-2009 07:14

Re: How can I host a server?
I would try a shortcut

"C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\ETDED.exe" +set fs_game fritzbot +set com_hunkmegs 64 +set dedicated 2 +exec server.cfg

Correct for whatever directory your ET is in and set the working directory too.

You can also include g_gametype for campaign/objective as well as a map, campaign or rotation file to load too.

Read the wiki section on dedicated servers too.

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