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Phatmat 03-07-2006 14:12

JoeBot bot help
Hey, i just installed the latest version of JoeBot, and did a complete server reload with the latest software.

When the bots are running on the server, they seem to get stuck in lots of places (eg. assault vents, facing wall moving up and down). Is there any way to stop this, maybe create more specific waypoints? cause all the players on the server are leaving because they have to wait until the round ends.

Also, just a suggestion which i would really like and need. The bots that i have running on my server 24/7 don't have a ping. Once people see that they are bots they just leave. Is there any way to give the bots a ping? maybe a hack/mod for dedicated server?

if there is any way, i am willing to try it (in most cases that is..).

last thing, my bots are either mega 7331 (leet) or really stupid. When i set their skill to 80 they run beside me and dont even shoot.. though when i set it a little higher they just head shot every kill? is there a way to fix this?

thx, plz help me fix this because not many people are joining my server due to these problems. thx.

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