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Phatmat 03-07-2006 14:02

JoeBot crash server
Hey, i just installed JoeBot and i got them installed sucessfully (well i think, because they work). Anyway, sometimes when there on the server will just lock up/crash, someitmes it happens on map change but sometimes it happens in the middle of the round.0_o :cursing:

Server Specs:
-latest everything (eg. joebot, amxx)
-joebot installed
-amxx installed
-runnings windows XP

**also i don't know whether it was this or not, but i found out that when i had the amxx plugin amx_super.amxx running the server would crash every hour or so. After i did a complete server reload, and forgot to enable amx_super.amxx the server was running fine for a whole day until i realised amx_super.amxx wasn't running and shut the server down. So when amx_super wasn't running the server was fine for the time it was on. This may not have anything to do with it, it may have just been luck, but i just thought i would let you know.

please help me fix this, because i need to get my server running 24/7, and stop it from crashing.

Phatmat 03-07-2006 15:20

Re: JoeBot crash server
ok, i just tested the server without amx_super.amxx and it still crashes D:.... this is unplayable!

plz help me fix it quickley...

psychomace 11-08-2006 07:17

Re: JoeBot crash server
hey i've been searching forever, would you kindly tell me what the command for amx_super.amxx to open the menu is ? i've been searching for literally hours man

bmann_420 07-01-2007 23:06

Re: JoeBot crash server
Ummm No menu for amx_super

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