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hangmansjoke 23-03-2006 11:01

joebot_mm.dll not working.
I have just started using joebot...and before i made any stupid posts I looked around the forum to find out about an issue with joebot.dll and joebot_mm.dll
(the spectate issue)

well I was having this problem untill i dl'ed the fixes...the only problem is..when I try to use joebot with metamod..it wont work at all..even with the fixed version. the only thing that loads is metatmod. I have changed my plugins.cfg as follows:
Win32 addons/joebot/joebot_mm.dll

and joebot_mm.dll is in the directory specified...when i had the older version(older- i mean..the one without the recent update) it worked with metamod..but now..joebot wont work at all.

any ideas?

hangmansjoke 24-03-2006 02:16

Re: joebot_mm.dll not working.
ok i got it fixed, but the directions for metamod + joebot don't work with the new realease. The only way i got both of them to work together was to copy the joebot_mm.dll to the addons/metamod/dlls directory. Then I made the metamod plugins.cfg file direct itself to addons/metamod/dlls/joebot_mm.dll.

This is working for now. Though i have no clue how..lol

kickassbots 04-04-2006 03:13

Re: joebot_mm.dll not working.
In the default installation, joebot_mm.dll is installed into cstrike/joebot/joebot_mm.dll. Assuming metamod is already installed correctly, you just need to add the following line into addons/metamod/plugins.ini:

win32 joebot/joebot_mm.dll

It should work from there.

hangmansjoke 09-04-2006 18:13

Re: joebot_mm.dll not working.
yes i believe i did that. thanks anyway though

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