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rlewellen 10-08-2005 01:22

Bots won't join a team
I am running a dedicated linux os server with the latest versions of Joebot, AMX MOD, Metamod, and Statsme.

Everything seems to be working just fine. I finally got the joebot commands to work in my console using rcon. When i add a bot it adds normally, but it doesn't go to a team. :(

I type:
rcon addbot 2 2 Botname

It joins to spectator mode but it won't join to a team.
My min_bot settings is 4 and max_bot settings is 8. I searched everywhere to try to find a solution before i posted but there was only 1 similar post and the guy never said how he resolved it. If anyone has any ideas I would be thankful to hear and try what you have in mind. Thanks!


KWo 10-08-2005 12:03

Re: Bots won't join a team
@Aspirin - look at the topic here:
Here is probably what JoeBot needs.

NeoMiC 10-08-2005 12:37

Re: Bots won't join a team

Yeah i've got the same problems since yesterday. i think it's because the new update, today they even released a new update, for steam/cs/vac2. When i read in the mpcforum, they have written cs will shut down after startup with any basehooks/exploits (cheats) :D . But the update makes some more troubles and not to cheaters :| . i think most client/server plugins had to be updated, because vac blocks now lots of command which are used for these plugins.

sPlOrYgOn 10-08-2005 15:42

Re: Bots won't join a team
actually I believe none of that caused the problem with the bots. I think it was this:


* Fixed menu exploit on join that spawned you into the server but moved you around as you were in spectator mode

locutus 14-08-2005 11:12

Re: Bots won't join a team
I Have Seem Problem Since Last Steam Update
How To Do For Fix This Bug?
Steam, Valve Are Idiot Programmer. Brrrrr

Thx For Your Reply Locutus

Locutus Of Borg Dedicated Server

@$3.1415rin 19-08-2005 08:15

Re: Bots won't join a team
code updated in the cvs

KWo 19-08-2005 14:51

Re: Bots won't join a team
Is this big problem to generate some binaries (*.dll *.so) and upload them to filebase as the new release? Can anyone do it? "Normal" bot users aren't coders so they aren't able to compile the sources...

B3n 22-08-2005 19:58

Re: Bots won't join a team
Can someone please compile it. :(

B3n 24-08-2005 20:56

Re: Bots won't join a team
Anyone? :'(

B3n 25-08-2005 23:28

Re: Bots won't join a team
Nevermind, the bots are working now.

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