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sixcentgeorgefr 25-08-2021 18:58

Re: progress

Originally Posted by RoboCop (Post 67421)
Here I've just created two new waypoints for Op4CTF!

using the "won" or steam-pipe op4 ??
op4ctf is depending of the map and few entities in it...
try to check with my "opposing life to life.." that has a lot of multiplayer maps..and metamod plug in...

wanting to use this "specific" ctf is quite hard when no "info like sourcecode is made for public eyes.."

that atitude from valve is very "sad" they made years to publish their game..had success ..and right after it they were dumbs like "it never happened" for me in france..when i see the giant rush for vaccination... [ that i have not done ..yes yet] they inject half a million dose per day..while there is only 20.000 new cases per day... and only one or two death per day.... but they fuck all the economy ...without talking of new elections... more than crazy .. i do not know

tschumann 05-09-2021 02:10

Re: progress

Originally Posted by RoboCop (Post 67423)

Okay thanks.


Originally Posted by Persephone (Post 67424)
By the way, any updates sir ? 😄

Nothing lately - I've been dealing with some other projects but I have some untested changes to capture point that I want to test soon.

sixcentgeorgefr 12-09-2021 12:49

Re: progress
that could be great to unite.. mods like svencoop and opposing force...mostly with "public source code" and "working compilator..." somethingS they have at valve... [ not here..]
i saw and played the latest svencoop 5 [ made yesterday] this mod is mostly only getting old and dead.. with always the same little maps...to play no more forum...where there were a big choice.. :shit::cool::scared:

i also played a bit of black mesa.. that is still a nest sending viruses..
this game have so much bugs.. that kills me...and gave me ideas for brothers mappers..["8 and devs

it is in the ending of Interlopper... bm_c4a3c2
where you have to killed few flying aliens with shields...[3]
the so famous source engine they known so perfectly [in 2004 ] is showing the good old hl message at END of map ... ED_Alloc: no Free edicts ....
i was dead of laughing .. i tried a lot of settings but it always crash in the last "steps" of the third tunnel..


0_o :helpsmilie: :yinyang:


Persephone 22-03-2022 09:43

Re: progress
Now it's 2022 and.....

No more progress sir? I just want to play with Sandbot, without any bot_count problem :(

tschumann 25-03-2022 12:42

Re: progress
No, nothing lately. I want to finish the capture point mode and then do a release.

Persephone 24-07-2022 19:07

Re: progress
Still no any updates sir? :unsure:

tschumann 27-07-2022 14:35

Re: progress
Nothing major no - I need some time to put aside.
I've made some updates to my testing framework for Sandbot and the waypoint generator though to make regressions less likely.

Persephone 25-01-2023 20:25

Re: progress
Now it's 2023 and still no progress sir? 0_o

tschumann 26-01-2023 11:17

Re: progress
No not lately unfortunately. Still working away at trying to automate some testing.

Persephone 29-09-2023 19:52

Re: progress
How is it going sir? No more updates for Sandbot? 0_o

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