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Persephone 31-12-2018 18:34

Re: progress
OMG, how could I didn't realize that. So you're referencing to "CP" instead of "CTF" mode. I'm sorry then :(

I appreciate your work. However, in my opinion, I think you don't have to do it because Capture Point mode isn't as good as Capture Flag mode. That mode looks boring sometimes. You're just roaming around, occupying each territory, and finally defending it from an enemy invasions. Occupying all territories is not easy, especially if the spawn points for each player are too near with the capture zone.

In op4cp_park for example, two of capture zones are too near with the player spawn locations, so its impossible for enemy team to capture it before being killed. Moreover, this mode is so hard because it requires at least a same amount of players for both teams. Otherwise, you can't win if you're outnumbered (in CTF mode, its possible to win even if the enemy team has more players than your team)

tschumann 01-01-2019 03:35

Re: progress
I've never really played it but I'll add support so that Opposing Force support is complete.

Persephone 03-01-2019 19:56

Re: progress
Well then. It's up to you for making sandbot supports on any gameplay modes or not.


One important note. I hope your sandbot wouldn't get any trouble like hpb_bot each time the CTF game has finished because I want to save "ctf stats" but unfortunately, my game are always crash when the battle is over due to unknown reason.

Please watch my video here so you can understand my problem.


tschumann 04-01-2019 02:00

Re: progress
Is it Sandbot that is crashing or HPB_Bot?

Persephone 04-01-2019 04:21

Re: progress
Like I said above. It's HPB_BOT. However, because your Sandbot source code probably based on it, then I just want to warn you if HPB_BOT always crashing my game every time I want to see the stats. I hope you can fix it in your Sandbot (I didn't test your bot due to bot_count problem)

tschumann 05-01-2019 05:51

Re: progress
Ah okay - I don't remember testing round end for Capture the Flag but I've changed a lot of what HPB_Bot did with regards to round end.

Persephone 26-03-2019 08:12

Re: progress
Still no update yet? Is this project still in progress?

Btw, I can't play Gunman Chronicles with your Sandbot. It would crashing my game immediately. Can you help me?

tschumann 30-03-2019 23:21

Re: progress
Yeah I've been busy working on other projects - I will get back to Sandbot.

Are you using MetaMod with Gunman Chronicles? I think it crashes with standard MetaMod but works okay with MetaMod-P (I included the working version of MetaMod in the download).

Persephone 04-04-2019 20:10

Re: progress
Wow, thanks a lot sir. With your Metamod, now I can playing it with Sandbot :D

This is my gameplay for you. Watch it here :


By the way, I'm not sure about this, but it seems your bot are always attacking me so often. Sometimes I wonder why they didn't just looking for another target to attack instead of me? This is could causing a problem especially when creating video like above, because I want to make a "preview" of all weapons from Gunman Chronicles but your bot seems didn't want to give me a chance. Most of the time they will surround me and then start shooting me together.

Maybe I could make a better video if I change the bot_count, but unfortunately, I can't :(

tschumann 13-04-2019 01:06

Re: progress
Nice - what is the entity that exploded into little creatures when you touched it? I don't remember it in the campaign.

The bots don't preference anyone - they should just attack the nearest player and won't stop until either you or the bot dies. You should be able to to set observer 1 to stop bots from attacking real players.

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