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Cpl. Shrike 26-05-2005 17:35

HLDS web interface
Im searching for a web interface to stop and start hlds (and more)
Im talking about the web interface rental rigs have.

Who knows the name of that software ?
Or preferably where to get it ?

I only kow of the existence of that software but not know how its called :-/

Pierre-Marie Baty 26-05-2005 18:54

Re: HLDS web interface
I know botmeister has a couple server tools, you should ask him what they can do...

botmeister 08-06-2005 08:12

Re: HLDS web interface
The tools I have are listed here, but there's no html interface

You may find what you are looking for in this list

Cpl. Shrike 09-06-2005 12:08

Re: HLDS web interface
I found it.
While it was right in front of me.
phpUA http://fi1.eu.unitedadmins.com/index...&content=phpua

It felt like i was looking for my sunglasses while they where on my head. o_O
Or searching yer pencil while it's behind yr ear.

Cpl. Shrike 17-06-2005 21:54

Re: HLDS web interface
Hmm no even this does not what i want.
Guess i'll have to make it my self.

botmeister 18-06-2005 06:56

Re: HLDS web interface
There's a program called hdls_proc out there somewhere that has a web interface. Check it out.

Cpl. Shrike 21-06-2005 12:04

Re: HLDS web interface
Checked it out.
It does seem to have the abillity to start/stop game server totaly from a remote location using a web interface. unfortunalty it is windows only software.
Thanks for hint. ;)

[NvT]_KaszpiR_ 03-01-2006 20:56

Re: HLDS web interface
maybe this?


doh just noticed that i moved the dead topic ;D

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