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sdzxmail 20-01-2009 08:10

jk_botti.cfg file not found?
I builded a CountStrike 1.5 sever,and wanted to add some bots
I tested jk_botti 1.42 and 1.41,and succeed loaded jk_botti.dll in metamod,but I found there was not pod in my server.
It can be add bot with command addbot,and found it said that
"[jk_botti] jk_botti.cfg rile not found":
jk_bottil location: c:\server\cstrike\addons\jk_botti
metamod location: c:\server\cstrike\addons\metamod
metamod plugins.ini : win32 addons/jk_botti/dlls/jk_botti_mm.dll
and jk_botti.cfg location: c:\server\cstrike\addons\jk_botti\

sdzxmail 20-01-2009 09:15

Re: jk_botti.cfg file not found?
additional: I can use command "jk_botti addbot" in server console to add a bot in game,but the bot is gray,can not play!!

Minh-Lo-Hwang 20-01-2009 14:51

Re: jk_botti.cfg file not found?
Hi :)

jk_botti doesn't work with Counter-Strike. jk_botti works with Half-Life Deathmatch and Opposing Force. Try a Counter-Strike Bot like Podbot_mm.



sdzxmail 21-01-2009 02:25

Re: jk_botti.cfg file not found?
Thanks you . I thinks it is
Yestday I move a copy of jk_botti to /value/addons,and now It can succeed to load bots!But the bots can only enter the game ,but can not be CT or T.....:scared:
I noticed that the waypoint has been succeed created,and the bot can talk:whistling:,just not enter CT or T.
I suppose the author can modify codes simply to support CS 1.5.

ProRaiL 23-01-2009 17:06

Re: jk_botti.cfg file not found?
it's not simply at all to make bots support counter-strike game mode, because it's differs from half-life deathmatch

ghost of evilspy 26-01-2009 17:54

Re: jk_botti.cfg file not found?

Originally Posted by sdzxmail (Post 59586)
I suppose the author can modify codes simply to support CS 1.5.

Sure :)

But since it is so simple, how about you do it, and submit patchset that adds this feature to v1.42. :)

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