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sixcentgeorgefr 07-03-2021 09:12

Re: progress
recently i saw that "facebook'$ network" is like the "soviets coop club" ... a bunch of cheaters.. that shows what "people wants"... :sorcerer::scared:0_o:shit:

i mean my account shows me my uploaded file.. like any others.. or like when i was not banned from beta-test "clan" ...
but if i open it with incognito mode then watching it is impossible...
so here is a direct link :


The Old Town Road Rodeo Thriller

Lil Nas X - Nas - Michael Jackson - Billy Ray Cirrus .

i hope you will all like feelings wampire 8"]
that movie that is more than 22 minutes.. i think it could be used in the port to hlsource of they hunger episode [ with they lost soul ravenholm ]... in the "multiplex" theater ..[ near end of episode 3 .. may be with few others movies-parts..]

your bug seems solved by using the right "dll version to link.."
[ writting that i feel being using old windows..'bugs ..: linux has exactly the same bugs.. normal it is made by the same dumbs.. that are "making money not very good softwares.. : ]



Persephone 24-03-2021 20:24

Re: progress
I don't want to be rude here, but I'm asking this, seriously

Does this project already canceled (and maybe abandoned) ? Because it has been a very long time since the last update, and there is no indication if the Sandbot would receive any updates :)

tschumann 27-03-2021 01:18

Re: progress
Progress has slowed as I'm concentrating on some other projects at the moment but I'm still doing bits of work with Sandbot as time permits.

sixcentgeorgefr 13-04-2021 17:20

Re: progress
i made a second movie for the they-hunger theater...
this one has songs from M.J. the King of Pop .... Daddy Yankee ...and the song of Ladi-Gaga & Beyonce : they play mass murder in a restaurant..plus few othe women singers..the MovieMix is 27 Minutes long.. the Title is Queen BeeBee Phones Lady GaGa ..it is quite nice..
it is in the same folder as the previous one..

for the gearbox code..i feel we ll have it when steam will die..[soon] :scared: :tooth:
i had an other 4 day ban of post for "derailing my own thread" ..i love thinking they will not live with my money... :) :sweatdrop:

valve was cool at the time of hl.. by now they "fly in the sky" far away from their shoes..
they are funny like the famous bms that no longer promote source engine..but unreal...
i hope to meet john carmack to make "real good games" with 100&1 % of the sources

sixcentgeorgefr 29-05-2021 07:34

Re: progress
what about launching a hl2 conversion.. of they hunger ?
these days after the virus from steam.exe & white-sewa :
SEWA (: Self-Employed Women's Association) not Mesa
i made two movies..in one with two endings.. the first with Matrix x3 [ i used the big fiesta of ep2 as the ending after victory of PEACE...] the second with Terminators 1236 ...when the matrix hero turn in lightening then start the terminator arrival...very cool 6 h movies for the theater of they hunger hl2... i make a new one around Men in Black these days of summer ..slowly...under the sun... having some "naughty by nature" music out of the box ..they were cool...breakdance will be in at paris olympics in 2024... i hope to mix there ;']

RoboCop 29-07-2021 00:42

Re: progress
2 Attachment(s)
Here I've just created two new waypoints for Op4CTF!

tschumann 31-07-2021 12:26

Re: progress
What version are you testing against? I'm still trying to the CTF mode working.

RoboCop 31-07-2021 14:51

Re: progress

Persephone 05-08-2021 14:19

Re: progress
Wow, a new waypoint for Sandbot eh? Well, I will try it later. However, I recommend you to create waypoint for map called "op4ctf_omen". I know if it's not an official map, but I think it's THE EASIEST CTF map to create waypoint within.

By the way, any updates sir ? 😄

RoboCop 05-08-2021 17:05

Re: progress
I've ALREADY done op4ctf_omen.

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