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tschumann 12-12-2020 09:05

Re: progress
I haven't played They Hunger in a while.

Interesting, I didn't realise the source code had been leaked.

sixcentgeorgefr 12-12-2020 17:05

Re: progress
may be ? or may be not ? not every thing that is given is a leak.. some like "giving" like santa clauss .. i am a victim of a "leak of my own work made for free" at sovietscoop NowDead forum .. i wonder if you know sven viking ??? or sniper from there "personnaly .. i mean australia is a little country.. i talk about them but that could be mobdb ...
with the "theyhunger maps" and sc3..

i was asked by the sven account to make they hunger playable under sc3.5... quite quickly for help.. i did it in two weeks..but for sc3 .. mostly because sniper was not making anything for helping me like a beta 3.5 dlls pack with fewer weapons than the one used in beta...
to help the model changes..from usual maps to the they hungers... i also tried to use as much monsters and models svencoop 3 has .. with only those made by forum members and not the "generics" ...
all i won was a ban from the beta.. and no more words or help from the famous sven viking [ i mean with such a name that is sad..]

after a month of ban ..for having made this job for "free" and having seen a lot of members from beta laughing a lot at me and my work ...

i published it at svencoop forum .. in the family 's nest..my work on the public maps using sc3 that is still public and free to use.. : THAT WAS CALLED A LEAK ...


MY WORK.. a leak.. by me .. or a carott in the ASS for some "now gone for ever"

i do not care that much..i liked too much to insert the carotts ;']
but here is a very good place for this kind of file : the source code of the dlls..
bots are made for the dlls of game and knowing them , reading them also helps a lot the mappers.. like with opposing force giant monsters... using them without knowing how are the entities working is quite impossible ...

sixcentgeorgefr 18-12-2020 21:30

Re: progress
in the same kind of ideas ... with so more HORRORS inside..
the giant hand skeletoon coould be "manipulated" "moved" by a group of spiders.. [ like the head spiders from sovietscoop ] and they could/can transform it into a fisherman's net ..for capturing grunts they eat..or players...
the idea could be great with a recent engine and latest gfx cards.. in left4dead..or the "opposing force hl2" i imagined.. or the super giant mix..of course....

sixcentgeorgefr 22-12-2020 08:22

Re: progress
my dear old friend from decay pc creation "times"...
i had an other "brilliant" idea ..for the "they hunger : [souls] "rebirth" "
with a message a la "uncle sam" and the famous : I Want You..., i found it while listening : Dont_Lose_My_Number_(Album_Version) song by Phil.Collins.
that is " I Can Find You " .. to replace the famous Hungry..Angry ..
i sent a message to the echoes mapper with paypal and 2 x 6 cents ..to ask him to come here and map ... that could be great to re-arrange the forum to get inside "all the lost projects" like the sovietscoop websites and affiliates.. they are having good work inside..
or useful member like the french spy-warrior and his svencoop . fr : http://www.svencoop.fr/ http://forum.svencoop.free.fr/ ... may be he can help here..??



here being the place for the "banneds" of "sniper 's soviets team" .. like Mr Franswa.. that did a great work mod for l4d the famous Resident Evil Coop Mapper..


i have fun to browse mobdb using incognito.. , he is not banned there [like me ] but his "comments are all "burieds" ..in his page about his mod... that reminds my deletions from there or else "half dead" websites "promoting coop play and half-life "survivors" games..like steam communities of sc & bms ..pssshhhuuuuttt [ silence : some are listening us here ]

sixcentgeorgefr 02-02-2021 14:36

Re: progress
happy 2021 to you and robbocop..it seems we are last alive members ..:tooth::scared::cyclops:

RoboCop 03-02-2021 18:02

Re: progress
Maybe so, but it appears our Discord aren't that dead.

sixcentgeorgefr 05-02-2021 14:43

Re: progress
this discord is something like a chat-server or news server ..
i do not like , i prefer the forum format because it is more "organised"..
like this question : is it possible for the discord server to have some topics about maps or bots and download links or files ??

by now i have seen no link to "discord" except the website itself.. :tooth: i wonder how they do at svencoop to update the engine..without forum..[ but i am not sure they really deleted it.. i think i saw they use some with login...]
that could be great if they publish their sources here...same with black mesa...that published the map source..[ that could be great in some l4d2 mod to use the files.. : https://steamcommunity.com/app/50/di...5584119911970/ may be with the source of the map of they hunger lost soul leaked and those from the hl mod.. but that must be too hard.. like adding the monsters of hl:alyx in bms.. the new headcrabs are cool ... https://half-life.fandom.com/wiki/Headcrab as well as the xen-grenade.. ]

may be i should use it to reach you friend that create echoes mod..to show him .. my latest Movie Mix...with some songs of Michael Jackson..and lil nas X ;']

here is the instagram link of the igtv : The Old Town Road Rodeo Thriller ...
may be useable in they hunger ..?? or black mesa for deads... :yinyang:

i like this style of mixing with straight "CuT".. my giant mod..is "using it " "as well as in this little movie" ..

RoboCop 26-02-2021 00:49

Re: progress
I'm not sure if this is wise move, but I think adding this flag to the Makefile: `-static-libstdc++` can be used to avoid that "CXXABI.1.3.8 not found" error

tschumann 26-02-2021 22:58

Re: progress

Originally Posted by RoboCop (Post 67398)
I'm not sure if this is wise move, but I think adding this flag to the Makefile: `-static-libstdc++` can be used to avoid that "CXXABI.1.3.8 not found" error

Hm, I remember trying to statically link it but I couldn't get it to work - does that definitely work?

RoboCop 27-02-2021 00:29

Re: progress
Well...I'm not sure. Also, I've been using some free Visual Studio assist tools like PVS Studio - even though it not as good as Tomato's Visual Assist. But PVS requires you to have your .cpp files with this added on the first lines:


// This is an open source non-commercial project. Dear PVS-Studio, please check it.
// PVS-Studio Static Code Analyzer for C, C++, C#, and Java: http://www.viva64.com

One more thing since these forums are a bit quiet, we are having a bit more activity in Bots-United Discord. https://discordapp.com/invite/zCSvyyC Maybe some of our supporters and guests who are in there could help you.

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