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chelseafc0512 04-12-2010 03:57

deathmatch function for podbot ?
hi , i want to use podbot for deathmatch game
but the bot has mapgoal waypoint, so they has team strategy (camping at mapgoal waypoint,...... although i have remove all bombsite,hostage ,rescuezone by stripper2
so the question here is : may podbot have "deathmatch" function ? when we turn on it,bot will ignore all mapgoal waypoint ,they will camp,run and shoot everywhere,when turn off ,it becomes normal

KWo 04-12-2010 09:20

Re: deathmatch function for podbot ?
The bots always have to go "somewhere", so removing from the waypointing system map goal is pointless. That would need to change the whole waypointing and bots behaviour system. Podbot mm is played on many CSDM servers and nobody complains they go somewhere instead fight. They do fight as soon they can see an enemy, so goal waypoints doesn't disturbate them in this at all. They randomly choose some goal to go there, but during they are walking on the map thy may spot enemies a lot, so the just do the job (fight). Just try.

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