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jeefo 04-12-2006 16:50

Latest YaPB Beta
YaPB 2.55b

note that, if you have problems with instaler download Zipped packages ;)

many _SMALL_ changes and fixes, try em;)

Zofteis 06-12-2006 20:31

Re: Latest YaPB Beta
Well i tried this version, but however I get an error when installing it.

It always says: Error opening file for writing:
dlls\yapb.dll 0_o

Whistler 07-12-2006 08:58

Re: Latest YaPB Beta
login as administrator and try again

jeefo 07-12-2006 13:49

Re: Latest YaPB Beta
Also check if directory attributes have no Read Only flag. This was a mistake in Updater's decompression code, that extracts all files (and dirs) with that attribute.

Updater will up, as soon as i write new crossplatform GUI version, and add some more useful features.

Saula 09-12-2006 05:33

Re: Latest YaPB Beta
i got that asme error how do i log in as admin if that what fixes it thats the error : dlls\yapb.dll

Zofteis 10-12-2006 22:50

Re: Latest YaPB Beta
well i am logged in as admin , but however i canīt delete the read only flag ???
Any ideas?

Saula 10-12-2006 22:53

Re: Latest YaPB Beta
how do i log in as admin ???

jeefo 14-12-2006 15:41

Re: Latest YaPB Beta
nevermind guys... this version crashes often, i'll upload new version on this week.

sorry for problems.

person135 15-12-2006 21:58

Re: Latest YaPB Beta
your installer has problems. I can't install it because it says it can only be installed on machines that have YaPB installed already, and clearly i do. Why can't you just put the actual installer like KWo does. Your current installer is really annoying. You can't choose where to put the files through the installer and it's just really annoying. You have to let the firewalls let it access the internet and stuff.

jeefo 15-12-2006 22:23

Re: Latest YaPB Beta
installer doesn't access internet at all, this beta targeted people who already have release version installed on pc.

as i say i upload some zips on sunday i think.

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