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RoboCop 03-09-2016 14:24

de_aztec_b7 waypoints
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I cannot access your site where your waypoints and YaPB build zips are but I found this latest waypoints for your collection.

jeefo 04-09-2016 10:15

Re: de_aztec_b7 waypoints
Will add, thank you.

Site is temporary down due to server problems.

RoboCop 04-09-2016 12:28

Re: de_aztec_b7 waypoints
Why not add those YaPB releases and store the source codes on Github? It maybe useful for folk to see the .cpp files previewed on Github. And also use it as backup to prevent your files from being lost.

jeefo 06-09-2016 20:56

Re: de_aztec_b7 waypoints
welll, it's on github, and last release too :)

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