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unKn0wn 04-03-2009 13:46

It is problem
Hello, I found out an error, and can not understand why it turns out, sometimes a server works days, sometimes a few hours.. Hope you will understand with it. This error on a picture. After this error a server hangs, and turned off.
Yet there is one problem, when someone goes out from a server or calls, all boats go out together with him.
Version of server : 48/ 4382 insecure (70) (swds4382v7.7z stands from cs.rin.ru, not count it for advertising) problems in began the output of boats exactly when this dll put... can you will be able to change something in boats, simply this dll is very needed on a server.
PS: I am sorry for my English :)
PS2: Server mini ag mod

The Storm 04-03-2009 21:05

Re: It is problem
Cracked stuff is not supported here. Please read the rules!

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