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yyo66 26-01-2012 21:02

When I'm running CSDM and Podbots+ amxx plugin infinite_round there appear a problem with map change. The timer is going to 00:00 and the game is still alive. After 5-10 minutes map is being changed. This problem is only when I'm running podbots. Any solution?

KWo 27-01-2012 09:15

Re: CSDM+PodBot
Podbot mm might be incompatible with infinite_round.
It is compatible with this version of CSDM.
Don't play 1:1 - in such cases the round ends when somebody dies (and for that ou are using the plugin infinite_round which adds some invisible bots). Don't use auto kill function (pb_autokill must be 0) in the case You dont want the round will be ended. It's not the bug in podbot mm but it's the problem You are trying to get working CS against the design Valve made it.

yyo66 27-01-2012 16:49

Re: CSDM+PodBot
OK, I changed version of CSDM to 2.1.2k and it seems it's much better than before, but the problem still exist, now after 10-15 seconds after 00:00 the map is being changed. What's about these seconds? Well it wouldn't bother me if I didn't have the timer: 10..,9..,8.., (voice) but it's good to know when is the end of map. So?

KWo 27-01-2012 19:05

Re: CSDM+PodBot
I'm getting a bit confused about that map chanage and the timer.
How does it work and how does it look like if there is no bots on the server, but there are real human-players only. Can You give a better description what should happen if there are real players only and what is the difference if there are bots on the server?

yyo66 27-01-2012 20:46

Re: CSDM+PodBot
When I'm not running podbots there isn't any problem with map change. The problem is only when I'm using them, it looks like: 10..,9..8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1(voice-amxx plugin) and then should be map change but after 10-15 seconds the map is being changed, strange.. and it appear if there are real players or bots, it doesn't depends on situation. I discovered that I don't have problem with old bots(map change) I suppose, the pack I found here http://amxx.pl/topic/178-dodawanie-podbot/

The link to podbots: https://rs69tl.rapidshare.com/files/...t_by_Libre.rar

I don't know what's version of these podbots but they are old due to fact there isn't for example pb_latencybot or ffa mode and others.

KWo 28-01-2012 08:30

Re: CSDM+PodBot
So Your problem is that 10-15 seconds (or 5-10 minutes in Your first post) delay after the voice 10,9,..0? You mean the map should be changed immediately after the voice 10,9,..0 when the time is 0:00, but You have to wait still some time for no reason? Excuse me, but Your description still didn't tell me what exactly Your problem is. If You want me to find the source of Your problem (which would need to investigate by me much more time), try to investigate also more time to clearly describe (even for a half of the page) Your problem with much more details than until now.

yyo66 28-01-2012 11:21

Re: CSDM+PodBot
Maps should be always changed after 00:00, without podbots there isn't any problem, however with CSDM 2.1.2+ latest podbots there is delay after 00:00 for about 5-10 minutes until the map is being changed, with CSDM 2.1.2k(your) + latest podbots there is delay for about 10-15 second after the map is being changed. I don't have problem with "map change" when I'm using these podbots what I found on others forums(someone pack): https://rs69tl.rapidshare.com/files/...t_by_Libre.rar

The voice is from amxx, extra plugin which is informing me when is end of the map, when is 00:10 it's starting, and after 00:00 should be map change.

My problem is that: I don't want to wait for this delay now for 10-15 seconds after 00:00( when actually should be map changed).

KWo 28-01-2012 14:09

Re: CSDM+PodBot
To be honnest - I have no idea why it works better with "my" version of CSDM. The only difference between 2.1.2 official and 2.1.2k is in drop weapon handling, so it works for bots, too. Other than that are rather cosmetical changes (like spawn players editor, spawn for items editor, CSDM menu with more items/settings, possibility to save settings in csdm.cfg after changing them from the menu and so on). I would start with disabling the plugin infinite_round to see if the problem with delay to map change is still there or it's gone.

yyo66 17-02-2012 19:53

Re: CSDM+PodBot
After, 2 weeks the timeleft(if you still don't know, the map should change when the timeleft is gone, for example, it's 20 minutes) has increased up to even 10 minutes sometimes due to this fact, latest podbots+CSDM 2.1.2k(your version), so the problem still exists. I can't disable the infinite_round plugin because CSDM without it have no sense, for example, there is 1 ct and 1 tt(I'm tt for example), I'm killing CT and there will be restartround to new one, so this plugin is helpfull. I still need solution, how to resolve this issue, i'm just really tired of searching all the time. Can you help me?

Maybe you can edit this version of podbots to use pb_ffa and pb_latency https://rs69tl.rapidshare.com/files/...t_by_Libre.rar I would be really glad for this.

KWo 18-02-2012 19:04

Re: CSDM+PodBot
Can You write in the server console:
meta list
amxx plugins
and write the output here?

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