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FrostyCoolSlug 29-04-2004 22:12

Physics Library..
PMB recommended creating a thread like this, so i took decided to do it. Discuss physics libraries and stuff here, leave the engine thread specifically to discuss the engine. Thanks :)

Pierre-Marie Baty 29-04-2004 22:28

Re: Physics Library..
yeah... Frosty pointed out the ODE (Open Dynamics Engine) at SourceForge


Very interesting at first sight, although I wonder if you guys know alternatives ?

Terran 01-05-2004 10:30

Re: Physics Library..
The upcoming tactical shooter "soldner" uses the opende physics engine, have a look at http://soldner.jowood.com/?RubrikIde...r=1033&lang=en

FrostyCoolSlug 12-05-2004 01:17

Re: Physics Library..
soldner looks great, graphically speaking, that something we should aim towards :)

Although i would like to see how the physics look on it :)

Pierre-Marie Baty 26-05-2004 10:08

Re: Physics Library..

Originally Posted by sfx1999 (in another thread)
By the way, I think I posted this before, but http://cal3d.sourceforge.net/ is a free skeletal animation library. It could be possible to use it to implement ragdoll physics if used in conjunction with OpenDE. I think it is under GPL, though, so no problem if you are going to GPL your engine.

doesn't OpenDE already have a skeletal animation library ? or maybe I skimmed it ?

FrostyCoolSlug 26-05-2004 17:17

Re: Physics Library..

Originally Posted by Pierre-Marie Baty
doesn't OpenDE already have a skeletal animation library ? or maybe I skimmed it ?

It appears so..


it does say the SDK CAN simulate humans, but there are no examples of this.

sfx1999 27-05-2004 02:47

Re: Physics Library..
What I mean is that you need an animation library for it to control, don't you?

FrostyCoolSlug 08-06-2004 00:41

Re: Physics Library..
erm.. yea lol, for example walking, needs something solid for animation that goes along with physics :)

Pierre-Marie Baty 08-06-2004 22:30

Re: Physics Library..
I would tend to think it's implemented in the library, no ?

FrostyCoolSlug 09-06-2004 00:22

Re: Physics Library..
i was refering to the library

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