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Lentiltheburger 09-12-2009 04:10

counterstrike crashes
i did the steps u said we should o in the tutorial.
Now i wanted 2 go in the game but when i started the new game counterstrike crashed while starting a game!
can u help me and maybe tell we what to do after comin in the game? I started the game after doin it with the text file

The Storm 09-12-2009 21:56

Re: counterstrike crashes
Hi, did you putted the fixed 5.3 version dll from this thread:

If you did, please post your liblist.gam file and if you are using metamod, your plugins.ini file too.

Lentiltheburger 10-12-2009 00:04

Re: counterstrike crashes
game "Counter-Strike"
url_info "www.counter-strike.net"
url_dl ""
version "1.6"
size "184000000"
svonly "0"
secure "1"
type "multiplayer_only"
cldll "1"
hlversion "1111"
nomodels "1"
nohimodel "1"
mpentity "info_player_start"
gamedll "EPODbot\EPB.dll"
gamedll_linux "dlls/cs_i386.so"
trainmap "tr_1"

well this is my list.
i updated the data
here how its crashing:
I'm starting a new game and then it wants to load it (map: de_westwood) and even before anything can load (so u see how it starts loading but it didnt start yet) i cant do anything and i already waited once for like 3 hours and nothing happened. It just says at task manager that the program isnt replying anymore.

Whistler 10-12-2009 04:13

Re: counterstrike crashes
try deleting liblist.gam, start the game once and change liblist.gam back :)

Lentiltheburger 10-12-2009 04:27

Re: counterstrike crashes
well i can start the game now (gj ;)) but when i put epd_add_t in the console they say unknown command :S

The Storm 10-12-2009 19:25

Re: counterstrike crashes
Did you opened liblist.gam again in order to put the EPODbot\EPB.dll line again? Also you didn't answered if you have putted the fixed dll from the sticked thread...

P.S. I guess it's just typo, but the command is epb_add_t not epd_add_t. ;)

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