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ghost of evilspy 01-03-2014 17:54

jk_botti v1.43 release!
binary release (i686, win32 & linux)


What is new in 1.43:
  • Bots do not attack breakable objects or monsters with huge amount of health
  • Support modifying new HL server query format

What is new in 1.42:
  • (bugfix, linux) Fixed jk_botti to be linked with libm.so
  • Tweaked low level bot skills alot
    • They will be more active now (run around maps) now
    • Not to be too good at combat (compared to higher level bots)
  • Bot reaction times have been adjusted to more human scale (level 1 has 100ms and level 5 300ms). Times used to be less before.
  • Removal of bot_reaction_time setting.
    • You can still use bot_skill settings to adjust reaction times.
  • Internal changes
    • Compiled with newer version of gcc
    • Made large portion of inline functions uninlined as on modern cpus/system small cache/code size is better than inlining everything manually.

What is new in 1.41:
  • Fixed low level bot aiming (were rapidly shifting right to left)
    • result removed undocumented and broken setting 'aimangle_varitation'
  • Add skill setting updown_turn_ration, setting to make bot aim up-down worse
    than right-left.
  • Add bot endgame chatting.
    • New setting 'bot_endgame_percent', see jk_botti.cfg
    • New section [bot_endgame] in jk_botti_chat.txt
  • Bot 'write' long chat message for longer time now than short message.
  • Binaries now work on AMD K6 series CPUs.

What is new in 1.40:
  • Add support for Opposing Force Deathmatch.
  • Tuned skill 1 bot to be more leet, skill 2 is now about same as old skill 1.
  • New sound system and sound tracking system, huge improvement in how bot finds enemy that isn't visible.
  • Bugfixes to goal selection and weapon selection, results huge improvement how bot work on when not given good weapons on spawn (I used to test with Severian's Mod where you usually get good weapons on spawn).
  • Bot now understands that it can get more ammo by picking up same weapon again.
  • Bot avoids combat if it doesn't have good weapon or doesn't have enough health.
  • Output warning message when model given for bot creation is replaced by team-balance code.
  • Changed to only check existance of player model file on listenserver when creating bots.
  • Changed save order of waypoint .wpt and .matrix files so that matrix doesn't have to be calculated one extra time.
  • Fixed instability problems: Replaced most of dynamic memory management with static memory.
  • Fixed buggy creation of crouch waypoint over drop (it's recommended to replace server datacore.wpt with stock wpt since this bug hit most hard on datacore on one specific high traffic area).

What is new in 1.30:
  • Fixed Severians MOD detection with teamplay.
  • Fixed bug with jk_botti only using first 3 letters of player/bot team name.
  • Fixed bots to get affected by weapon recoil. Somewhere along hldm releases recoil code was moved completely to client.dll, so now jk_botti will emulate client.dll function. Difference to MP5 aiming is most notable.
  • Removed hack to make bot aim worser than it should when using MP5, this isn't needed anymore.
  • Added team autobalance for teamplay servers. Requirements: mp_teamplay is set to 1 and mp_teamlist is set with more than one team.
    • New commands 'team_balancetype' and 'team_blockedlist'. See jk_botti.cfg for details.
  • Disabled 'bot_conntimes 1' on listenserver.

What is new in 1.24:
  • Rewrote min/max_bots code.
  • Increased config-file processing and bot adding speed.
  • Changed bot kicking to use 'kick # <userid>' instead of 'kick <name>'.
  • Fixed broken random bot selection code.

What is new in 1.20:
  • Added support for lifts.
  • Fixed weapon selection code to honor weapon secondary/primary attack skill setting.
  • Fixed bot get up ladders better.
  • Fixed min_bots/max_bots to handle other metamod bots correctly.
  • More aggressive autowaypointing for linking separate areas.
  • Fixed autowaypointing for paths leading from water to dry.
  • Added missing ammunition type 'ammo_9mmbox'.
  • Fixed goal selection to use wall mounted health/battery rechargers.
  • Compiled with more aggressive optimization flags. This speeds up path-matrix creation.
  • Fixed output for 'kickall'-command.
  • Fixed bot not to jump when coming near edge and bot is planing to go down using ladders.
  • Workaround for loading map specific config for map 'logo'. Use '_jk_botti_logo.cfg' for this map. 'jk_botti_logo.cfg' is already used for bot spraypaints.
  • Fixed bot always ducking when next waypoint is crouch waypoint. This caused bot not be able to jump through small window with crouch waypoint inside.

What is new in 1.10:
  • Fixed bots to use wall mounted health/battery rechargers and buttons.
  • Fixed bots to pick up items.
  • Fixed observer mode so that bots don't hear observers anymore. This caused bots to get interested about observer sounds and track theim.
  • Lowered default bot lookaround/pause frequency and times.
  • Fixed autowaypointing not to place waypoints midair.
  • Fixed autowaypointing not to create impossible upwards paths.
  • Fixed autowaypointing not to create crouch waypoints if there is room to stand up.
  • Old waypoint files are automatically processed to fix above autowaypointing errors.
  • Lots of tweaks to autowaypointing: better handling of ladders and stairs, better linking of isolated areas.
  • 'autowaypoint' is now default on.
  • New command 'show_waypoints' for viewing/aiding waypoint creation.

What is new in 1.01:
  • Bug fix: Fixed 'bot_conntimes 1' crashing Windows server.

What is new in 1.00:
  • Remembers bots from config when recreating bots by min_bots/max_bots.
  • Change bot connection times on server queries.
    • Set 'bot_conntimes 1' in config file to have different connection times for each bot on server query.
  • Tweaked code computing RunPlayerMove-msec.
  • Bots don't see targets too early behind corners.

  • Based on HPB bot 4.0 by botman.
  • Uses BotAim code by Pierre-Marie Baty.
  • Uses code from GraveBot by Caleb 'Ghoul' Delnay. (goal selection system, longjumping)

The Storm 03-03-2014 12:51

Re: jk_botti v1.43 release!
Nice! :)

Persephone 06-03-2014 08:31

Re: jk_botti v1.43 release!
For Ghost of Evil Spy

Thanks for yor BOT. Hmm, by the way, how to install this one? (v1.43)

I will give comment about your BOT.

High skilled, hard to kill, and play like real human.


When I want to make a video in my maps with your BOT, and I was started to recording it, your BOT become a "weird BOT" 0_o

Dancing, act like a clown, and when I turn off the video recorder, they back to normal again.

And one again, does your BOT not supported to be played in CTF mode?

Sorry about my Language :)

RoboCop 07-03-2014 18:04

Re: jk_botti v1.43 release!

joeysmile 17-03-2014 11:49

Re: jk_botti v1.43 release!
thanx, will test it today...

@Persephone: no the Bots DO NOT support CTF

@ghost of evilspy: could You implement at least the function that the bots can go through the team choosing screen, is it so difficult to implement? i am now expanding the BRUT.me Opposing Force server with CTF and I dont like the hp bots

//edit unable to open the packed files "unknown format or damaged" - Someone got more lucky?

g0nz0uk 24-03-2014 12:08

Re: jk_botti v1.43 release!

I need bots for my HL1 DM windows server (APUk Deathmatch), I will give this a test today.

I had a server years ago and have decided to start up another :)

g0nz0uk 25-03-2014 16:26

Re: jk_botti v1.43 release!
When searching for a server it says 0/32 on my server eventhough I have 6 bots on there, how can I fix this?


ghost of evilspy 28-04-2014 17:09

Re: jk_botti v1.43 release!
Valve has changed their server query system, and bots are not shown as players in search-list anymore. I don't know way to fix this.

g0nz0uk 28-04-2014 17:13

Re: jk_botti v1.43 release!

Is there a way to get the bots to get out of the water in the map undertow and get them out to the back part of the level in Crossfire?

joeysmile 07-05-2014 22:55

Re: jk_botti v1.43 release!
i dont know, i think it wil be hard, maybe turning off autowaypointing and manually edit waypints could help a little bit. bots sometimes go to the heliport but the chance is like 0,01%

i think it is good to edit the waypoints at maps where secret rooms are, the bot dont know how to open it and get stuck in front of them (its in my TODO too)

but i think i have found another bug, sometimes when someone connects he is firstly registered as a bot, then a bot disconnects and the person joins. I think this is messing the amxbans, because people can join even if they are banned, maybe it is only bug in my amxbans, i dont know, but it looks in the IRC like this:

[16:58:57] <@HLDM_SERVER> D_Shark (BOT) has joined the server
[16:58:57] <@HLDM_SERVER> Rusalka (BOT) has left the server
[16:59:00] <@HLDM_SERVER> D_Shark (STEAM_0:0:620423989) has joined the server

and when someone banned tryes to join, the bot will be kicked and joins back, couldnt it be set that the bot will disconnect only after successful connecting of a player?

[21:19:50] <@HLDM_SERVER> BANNED_PLAYER (BOT) has joined the server
[21:19:50] <@HLDM_SERVER> Medilka (BOT) has left the server
[21:19:54] <@HLDM_SERVER> Trezalka (BOT) has left the server
[21:19:54] <@HLDM_SERVER> Kurtizana (BOT) has joined the server
[21:20:12] <@HLDM_SERVER> BANNED_PLAYER (BOT) has joined the server
[21:20:13] <@HLDM_SERVER> Kurtizana (BOT) has left the server
[21:20:16] <@HLDM_SERVER> BANNED_PLAYER (STEAM_0:0:2598779628) has joined the server
[21:20:16] <@HLDM_SERVER> BANNED_PLAYER (STEAM_0:0:2598779628) has left the server
[21:20:17] <@HLDM_SERVER> Kombinator (BOT) has joined the server

and i am using ATAC, and the bots punished everybody for teamkilling, even if it was bots fault of course, and it was a mess at hltp server :D so i set up that after 5 teamkills, the player will be banned for one hour. but when bots teamkill 5 times, ATAC writes that he will be kicked, be he is not, and the players think its unfair, couldnt it be set, that the punished bot will be kicked and other bot connects?

but despite the little bugs i like the bot very much and thanx to them i have quite a lot of players on my BRUT.me servers and a lot of fun :), i am not good at coding and have not much free time, but if i find some, will do some research about it, can u help me with this evilspy?

btw g0nz0uk, your apuk server is down :)

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