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Weasel 27-01-2011 07:33

JK_Botti with DMC?
Anybody got JK_Botti working with DMC (on Linux)?

I see console notifications about the bots joining the game, etc. but when I join from my client - they aren't in the game. They show-up on the multi-player list, but not actually running (or standing) around anywhere.

It works fine with my Linux HL(1) server, but under DMC the bots never seem to actually "spawn" into the game?

Whistler 27-01-2011 08:28

Re: JK_Botti with DMC?
something is needed to spawn bots in dmc (ie. issuing "_firstspawn" command), which is not done in jkbotti...
in other words, jkbotti simply does not support dmc :)

Weasel 12-02-2011 06:32

Re: JK_Botti with DMC?
Thanks. I thought I read somewhere that JK_Botti worked with DMC.

I'll give RCBot a try. I'd try HPB_Bot (MM), but last time I tried that I couldn't get it to work under Linux (was fine under Windows though).

RoboCop 30-07-2016 16:30

Re: JK_Botti with DMC?

Well jk_botti doesn't include the bot_start.cpp that is required for DMC and as Whistler says on "_firstspawn" command. But it is shouldn't be globally used for HLDM and Op4DM cos of fact that players automatically spawn when the MOTD appears, but in DMC you need to program the bot to manually spawn when "their" MOTD appears.

For bot_start.cpp to support JK_Botti that was used for HPB, you will need like "void BotStartGame" and to detect the "mod_id DMC_DLL" for that to work for DMC.

For example:-

void BotStartGame( bot_t *pBot )
  if (mod_id == DMC_DLL)
          FakeClientCommand(pEdict, "_firstspawn", NULL, NULL);
          pBot->not_started = 0;

But that code is incomplete as you will also need to include the bot header files like bot_func.h and recode it for "BotStartGame".

I've been trying to alter and recompile JK_Botti for DMC by including the DMC weapons and ammo entities required, and works fine but without using bot_start.cpp. If you or anyone like to maybe help out if you wish, then that's up to you.

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