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leandrotsampa 30-01-2010 23:26

I need help with HPB_bot (HPB_bot template v4)
First good night, people are so I'm trying to create bots for the HL1 mod NNK, ai does the following.

If I get into the normal game and add bots nothing appears only is the name of the bots in the list.

Now if I create a dedicated server, in Internet or LAN, and enter the server and the client addbot ai bots that come only takes about 30 seconds and I'm kind of kicked the game, I would ask your help to know where I'm missing.

The following files that I changed to create the bots, so that you evaluate.
Already many thanks for your help.

File: bot.cpp
Link: http://paste.ubuntu.com/365890/

File: dll.cpp
Link: http://paste.ubuntu.com/365892/

File: h_export.cpp
Link: http://paste.ubuntu.com/365895/

File: util.cpp
Link: http://paste.ubuntu.com/365896/


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