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Frosty015 16-03-2011 05:08

Bots being stupid
I have a problem with they bots, they don't knife at all
and if there are 2 bots left on opposite teams they would try to go directly to each other and end up walking into a wall and staying like that so the game doesn't end until I do :thumbdown: can anyone help me?

The Storm 16-03-2011 19:42

Re: Bots being stupid
Sorry but I haven't developed E[POD]bot from years, actually most of the coders don't. If you want good bot, that is still in development, try PodBot_mm. ;)

forid786 22-05-2011 13:54

Re: Please help
Hello there

i have a problem and i was wandering if anyone can help

basically i downloaded epodbot 5.3 and installed it , but when i tried to make a server it used to say " starting dedicated server " all day then i found a fix by kwo
so i installed it and now i can start my server and play but after approximatly 20 the server crashes and it says to send an error report i clicked details and it says Modname : epb.dll
and also i am not able to access the epb menu i have tried accessing it using epb_botmenu but it says command is not recognized
can someone please help with this issue of crashing and the menu not working

anyhelp on fixing these issues would we most appreciated


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