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buellman 17-02-2005 11:41

your bots are great...

downloaded your bot yesterday and hell yeah... they are great.
first i tried ffa on metl3 with 3 bots on the highest skill-level... it was hard but at least i win. after that i tried instagib on douze with one bot (one on one) with highest skill: no chance for me o_O
but hey: i think they are pretty good training-partners :D

good work!

ps: i wonder if it is possible, that they could interact with the player?!? something like that:
buellman: you bots suck :-D
bot: die you noob!!!

would be fun, even if i dont think, that in near future i would have enough time to win and chat at the same time 8)

Rick 17-02-2005 15:46

Re: your bots are great...
hehe thanks!
Well maybe I make botchat later, shouldn't be too hard :)

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