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Vradash 07-01-2005 17:31

Bots too hard???
Is there a bot difficulty setting? I think they´re too hard for playing. They see you,not a second elapses and you´re dead. Please help!

Rick 07-01-2005 18:08

Re: Bots too hard???
The current version is indeed pretty inhuman...Don't worry its all 'fixed' for the next release(5 different skills, more human like aiming etc) :)

stefanhendriks 07-01-2005 18:55

Re: Bots too hard???
rofl yeah, i gave up after one match , its darn unfair! :)

Rifleman 08-01-2005 10:59

Re: Bots too hard???
yeah , just set maxspeed to 50 then would be a little more playable :D

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