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>BKA< T Wrecks 02-07-2004 09:17

Another moderator needed for PB 2.6mm forums
Hello all!

In a thread on a specific PB 2.6mm problem, the discussion somehow came to the point that another moderator for the PB 2.6mm forums is needed in order to move / stick / delete / close threads.
Before placing a poll somewhere, I think it would be best to sort out whom you forum visitors consider to be a good candidate and who of these candidates is willing to do the job. He/she (99.9% he, given the gender distribution in this nerd-infected place :D ) doesn't need to have concise knowledge about the bot, but I guess a total n00b wouldn't be an ideal candidate, either. There might be situations where it would be nice if the moderator could help out ppl or at least direct them to anything helpful. It's more important that the moderator be a trusted member who's present in the forums on a regular basis and willing to browse through threads that don't interest him / her personally, just in order to see if the thread is in the correct forum or if anybody behaves unappropriately...

That said, think if you remember someone who left the impression of being a good choice for this job and let us know. Hopefully, all suggested candidates will see this thread and tell if they are willing to do the job. Happy suggesting... ;)

[Note to Council members: I didn't post this in the Agora since I considered it to be a topic that's only relevant in the PB 2.6mm forums - if this is wrong, please move this to the Agora and excuse the inconvenience.]

Pierre-Marie Baty 02-07-2004 16:09

Re: Another moderator needed for PB 2.6mm forums
/me votes for Wreckie or KWo

>BKA< T Wrecks 02-07-2004 16:15

Re: Another moderator needed for PB 2.6mm forums
I wonder if sPlOrYgOn has enough time left... on one hand, he's here very often (for obvious reasons) and knows what he's talking about, on the other hand he might be too busy coding for the bot - and he's the only active coder we have ATM, whereas the moddie job could be done by non-coders, too.

For my part, I wouldn't reject if a majority voted for me and nobody had serious objections, but KWo seems to be another good choice to me... you guys decide. ;)

von Ryan 02-07-2004 22:19

Re: Another moderator needed for PB 2.6mm forums
Well, if anyone doesn't have objections, I would like to throw myself in, though I'm kinda new in here (comparing to some guys who have been here forever)...
But I respect Pierre-Marie Baty's opinion, since he has been here for a long time, and splorygon would be a great candidate too. Anyway, just throwing myself in. :-)


KWo 03-07-2004 00:18

Re: Another moderator needed for PB 2.6mm forums
I feel honoured by these Your nominations , T Wrecks and PMB. Because I want to be resposible , I have to say You something. Right now it's a good time for me and really I have a time to look throw all threads at this PB26mm forum and if it's possible - help the people. But this good situation - it's possible - will finish for me at the end of septemeber. Now I can dedicate to this forum much of my time even in my work, because type of the job I'm doing now lets me this. But probably this will change at the end of septemeber (not for sure, but it's a big probability). After I'll probably will be more busy (another job). When I'm at home I can't promise I will have so much free time to dedicate to this forum. You have to know I'm married and I have a child, so I'm simply too old to play CS :D.
Many times my wife said me I dedicate too much time to play CS and to this BOT. My answer is always the same - all men are interessing by something - for me is this game and this bot. But because I have to be responsible - I don't know if in the longer future I will can dedicate the same time here like right now - I can't promise this. For me is a good situation - if I have currently free time - I can look here and I can help somebody, but to be a Moderator this is probably not sufficient...

There are also some other things:
1. Other Council Members don't know me. They can't trust me and choice me as a new moderator here.
2. Many of people here probably don't like me style and type of leading by me the discussion - I'm aware of this.
3. Look at the parameter posts per day - my , sPlOrYgOn's and T Wrecks' (right now:my 2.32, sPlO 4.52, T Wrecks 3.86) - my is the lowest ...

I can't say I don't want to candidate or I can't be now a new moderator here. But IMHO T Wrecks is the best one candidate:
1. All people and also all Council Members know him a long time.
2. All people like him, because this is really a "peace man" - always nice for all and only if is possible for him - he helps the people - exactly this "feature" a Moderator needs.
3. Looking at this parameter like above - who can be a good contr-candidate?

About sPlOrYgOn - right now he started a new school (not exactly new, but with new teachers and new people) and dedicate time for coding and being a Moderator probably right now can be impossibe for him. But yes - if he can and he wants to be a candidate at the list for voting for a new Moderator - yes - I'm agree.
I suppose my nomination by T Wrecks was because he wanted be (like always) nice and he wanted nominate me because I nominated him. :)

About moving, delating threads at general PB26mm forum - if this is impossible to disable posting here by new members (something automaticaly), maybe after moving a thread to correct subforum the link to this thread should be deleted from the list of threads at general PB26mm forum and only a PM should be sent to this thread starter ("Your thread is moved here - and a link"). Otherwise the list of threads at general forum will be still incremented, so the new people will still post here, because they will think this is correct place. Another thing - maybe it's a good idea to write as a "sticky" thread something like "Read before posting here" and in this thread we should write where the people should post (what type of problem - which subforum). Maybe this can also prevent us against the situation the people still want post at incorrect place...:)

Nova 03-07-2004 04:29

Re: Another moderator needed for PB 2.6mm forums
KWo, just because other council members might not know you, doesnt mean automaticaly noone trusts you.

Me for example. Because of the lack of expertise, i dont post in many of the threads in this forum, but yet, i READ every single one of them, and your have proven yourself to be mature and reliable.

About your number of posts argument: I only have one thing to say (without wanting to degrade Spoigyorgon or TWrecks, this is general) QUALITY counts, not QUANTITY.

But you know that anyways, so why the heck am i lecturing you *grin*
Just saying, dont rate yourself down, i think either three of you would do a very competent job.


sPlOrYgOn 03-07-2004 04:58

Re: Another moderator needed for PB 2.6mm forums
yup nova's right :D
I need to think more before I post..
that way i don't post short little posts or idiotic posts that need follow up posts to fix up :D
KWo posts long big huge posts that he's put a lot of thought into..
I think KWo would be a great candidate for being a moderator on these forums..

T Wrecks is good too :D

maybe both of them as mod :D

[NvT]_KaszpiR_ 03-07-2004 19:40

Re: Another moderator needed for PB 2.6mm forums
KWO - but first he should write less in posts cause i hate long answers :D, also he is quite active here and can redicert ppl to other posts, also his insist on getting info abut problems can help to determie problem and direct to simple answer (i see his answers on other boards aswell, after some bad days for hmin i guess he is behaving much better now :D)

T Wrecks, hmm, why not? :D

i suggest both of them
i guess spyro got time allready limited by huge work he put in developing in sources, aswell as other coders

Huntkillaz 04-07-2004 01:36

Re: Another moderator needed for PB 2.6mm forums
anyone will do as long as they keep this forums in good condition

also maybe devote some time to make locked sticky threads and keep em update like the idea's\bug one i made..i'd be glad to make em ..but i need ppl to keep em updated coz of the no edit

i'm making another thread for install and pretty much any other sticky\important thread that was made all rolled into 1 or 2 maybe.

but i need someone to keep these updated and stuff. :'(

SoUlFaThEr 04-07-2004 12:52

Re: Another moderator needed for PB 2.6mm forums
right now i almost feel bad cuz i am not around as much as i used to but its just not possible :(

kwo deserves it...he does stuff :)

boo hoo

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