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CyKo74 19-08-2004 21:17

Re: All za small things...
to SoUlFaThEr:

D00de! I dint meant youre "inability to waypoint"!
I'd be glad to have that "inability"! Usually my waypointing proccess for
single map lasts a few hours(3-5 on and off) (cause i make em detailed)
(btw this is the reason for that "extra check" and manual-jump thingyes).
So i cant even imagine how much time i'll trash making even a single wp-pack!

ReSHpekt man!

>> my original conclusion was that a bot with the wrong weapon wil never
>> make certain jumps because he is too heavy. there are many jumps that
>> arent possible if a bot carries awp or para.

I too came to that conclusion after i saw bot with AWP tryed to jump where
i made jump with knife. Its not about weight, its about speed. Having knife
selected u have max speed. AWP is the slowest. Hence max jump-"fly"
distances differ.

P.S. I am happy!

to sPlOrYgOn:

>> that reminds me SF... you should remove that jump in de_dust..

Ssso, what about that "hard" flag? It could just lower desire for bot to
cross wp with this flag...

MarD 14-09-2004 20:42

Re: All za small things...

If you want bot statistics... just get statsme v2.7.1 for CS 1.5, or the latest one (I think it's still v2.8.3) for CS 1.6.... and then just enable bot ranking.

PODbot v2.6mm R2.40 (I should really get your latest beta... lol...) tends to get around anywhere from %20-%40 accuracty at a skill of 80... so that's about equal with me... But I waste much more bullets. :P

And yeah, I do like the idea of manually adding jump pathwaypoints, cause sometimes I'm like, really bad at jumping to places, but I know it's possible.. Like for de_dust, you know that high crate at the bombsite beside the CT spawnpoint? well, I know it's possible, but I'd be easier for me to just place a waypoint on the edge of the crates n' just manually add a jump pathwaypoint. I know, I know, I'm bad a jumping, so frag me as I try to leap away already. :P

I found that if bots fail jumps cause it leaps prematurely (I don' think this is the prob with your de_seige waypoints SF...), start a jumppathwaypoint near that premature waypoint n' then just jump in the spot you want the waypoint, most of the time it moves the waypoint there... problem solved. You don't need to make a new cmd to move waypoints, cause I'm good with just moving em' like this n' just resizing the radius manually. ;)

What I was thinking concerning possible death from jumps is bots should save the most health they lost attempting a jump in the experience file so bots with less than the amount of possible loss of health could just find a new path... I bet tha'd be a lot of code, and more cpu intensive cause I'd have to do more checks n' find new paths n' such... so if it doesn't get made I understand, I'll just learn to leap around better for the bots-sake. :P


Originally Posted by CyKo74
2) Upon creation of new wp:
Idea is to add another small check:
If there is a set of wp's which all lay in say 30 degrees
sector - make connection only to closest one of them.
I also think this is a great idea, cause it's annoying how sometimes you run out of pathwaypoints for waypoints cause of autopathwaypointing taking up unesscessary pathwaypoints...

The new pathwaypoint deletion method does make it easier to remove bad pathwaypoints (GJ on that Austin n' SF 8))... but sometimes it's hard to get that little blue hat to come ontop of waypoints cause it's hard to tell where to aim... if you guys could make like, a little colored line that's like an "aim here for the blue hat ontop of the waypoint" I'd make pathwaypoint deletion more time efficient instead of me spending like, 2 mins waving my mouse like a madman trying to get that blue hat to appear.. especially ladder waypoints... oh the horror... the horror. :P

KWo 15-09-2004 00:33

Re: All za small things...
About this AIM for WPs - I already told to sPlOrYgOn about this (it's hard to hit sometimes), but - because I'm not a "classical" waypointer, he was thinking I'm complaining (like always :) ), so he did nothing with this. :(
Another method to make a new connection (or delete some unwanted) is using "cache waypoint" function. Try with this if You have problems with aiming at selected WP.

MarD 15-09-2004 01:15

Re: All za small things...

Cache waypoint? hmm, I'll check into this... what's the console command for it? is it simply cache waypoint? does this like just keep the waypoint in memory? (if I remember what caching is...)

KWo 15-09-2004 04:35

Re: All za small things...

Originally Posted by MarD
Cache waypoint? hmm, I'll check into this... what's the console command for it?

No - it's in this WP menu (when editor is on, on the second page - position 7).


Originally Posted by MarD
is it simply cache waypoint? does this like just keep the waypoint in memory? (if I remember what caching is...)

Yes - exactly this.

Try to use some binds to waypointing and You will see how easy and nice is waypointing now and You will never want to waypointing some maps under
[E]PodBot :)
Here You have some my binds:

//Y= Turn on/off Waypoint Editor
bind "y" "wpmenu;menuselect 9;menuselect 1"
//U = Main Menu
bind "u" "wpmenu"
//I = Turn on/off Auto waypointing
bind "i" "wpmenu;menuselect 9;menuselect 2"
//P = Pathwaypoint Add
bind "p" "wpmenu;menuselect 5"
//o = Pathwaypoint Delete, and answering YES to "Are you sure?"
bind "o" "wpmenu;menuselect 6;menuselect 1"
//[ = Waypoint Add Menu
bind "[" "wpmenu;menuselect 1"
//] = Waypoint Delete, and answering YES to "Are you sure?"
bind "]" "wpmenu;menuselect 2;menuselect 1"
//; = Flagmenu
bind ";" "wpmenu;menuselect 4"
//F6 = Waypoint Setradius Menu
bind "F6" "wpmenu;menuselect 3"
//F7 = Cache waypoint
bind "F7" "wpmenu;menuselect 9;menuselect 7"
//F8 = Waypoint check
bind "F8" "wpmenu;menuselect 7"
//F9 = Waypoint save
bind "F9" "wpmenu;menuselect 8"

But I suggest You rather read SF thread
and maybe use his binds (like I said once - I'm not a "classical" waypointer; my keys are binded also for buying system, so maybe some my binds may not be usefull for You).

MarD 15-09-2004 04:45

Re: All za small things...

Yeah, I read that thread before, cause I diddn't know how to even start waypointing on PODbot v2.6mm :P

Hmm, thanks for that little info on caching waypoints, diddn't figure that out yet. :)

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