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Witold PL 29-09-2009 16:05

MG42 question
I have question (maybe stupid). How bots well using movealbe MG42?

I think they shoudl when see the enemy:
-lie down
-deploy MG
-shoot to kill
-when new enemies don,t showing up, he standing and going in his way.

But i see in spectator bot using like normal SMG

TomTom 29-09-2009 22:37

Re: MG42 question
The mg42 soldier bots will lie down, I think it depends on the circumstances.

(1) a mobile mg42 soldier will lie down at the special camp actions that can be included in a waypoint. They will remain prone (lying down) even when being sniped.
(2) I have observed them lying down in the open, away from camp actions so they can deploy on their own. I think it depends on how close the enemy is and whether they are taking fire.
(3) Bots that are not fighting will move about. General Camp actions and roam (patrol) actions are about equal priority so a bot will camp for a few seconds then move on to a different camp or a patrol point. Specialty camps (defend action, mg42 camp, mobile mg42 camp, panzer camp, sniper camp) may have somewhat higher priority and last a few seconds longer. A good waypoint will provide at least 2 of the latter 3 types of specialty camps active at any time. And those camps will be a short distance apart so the bot will spend more time camping than going between camps.

When I have time for your requested waypoint I might provide a camp-less and camped waypoint for comparison. Until then compare my waypoints for bremen_b2(camp-less) to bremen_b1(camped).

If you want to learn how to add camps you can use my karsiah_te2 (camp-less) waypoints as a starting point too.

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