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tschumann 12-11-2016 07:07

Sandbot v0.3
Sandbot v0.3 has been released!

ModDB: http://www.moddb.com/mods/sandbot/downloads/sandbot-v03
Bots United: http://filebase.bots-united.com/inde...ct=view&id=465

- [All] Fixed kicking a bot causing the game to crash.
- [Opposing Force] Bots will look for random goals on maps with waypoints.
- [Day of Defeat] Bots will now capture points.
- [Gunman Chronicles] Bots will look for random goals on maps with waypoints.
- [Natural Selection] Bots will now reload after they haven't seen an enemy in a while.
- [Natural Selection] Bots will now attack the command chair and the built hive in Classic.
- [They Hunger] Bots will look for random goals on maps with waypoints.

Tagged release is available at https://github.com/tschumann/sandbot/releases/tag/v0.3

Persephone 20-11-2016 17:43

Re: Sandbot v0.3
I've downloaded it and all I want to say is.....

Your BOT are awesome :D

tschumann 22-11-2016 11:36

Re: Sandbot v0.3

Originally Posted by Persephone (Post 66647)
I've downloaded it and all I want to say is.....

Your BOT are awesome :D

Thanks - glad you like it.
It will continue to get better too.

Persephone 23-11-2016 20:00

Re: Sandbot v0.3
Anyway, check this out

When Sandbot are accompanied with RCbot, they will become a killing machine

https://s14.postimg.org/839doyfa9/image.jpgThey can beat Whichbot and Hivemind AI, hahaha :D

tschumann 24-11-2016 10:42

Re: Sandbot v0.3

Originally Posted by Persephone (Post 66649)
Anyway, check this out

Ah ha, nice. Sandbot has a bit of a way to go with Classic mode but it's reasonable at Combat..

Persephone 29-11-2016 20:30

Re: Sandbot v0.3
Oh no, I was forgot to make a photo unlimited (without expired day)

By the way, I think Sandbot are weak on NS mode but they are mad killer when playing on Combat mode.

Sandbot in Alien team is still easy to beat (Whichbot is the most annoying BOT for Alien team) but when in Marine team, they are very tough. Skilled enough to make RCbot on bottom position :D

Did you know? I think you are still love an original Half Life MOD, so I hope next time you can make a Sandbot supported for my favourite Half Life MOD such as :

Wizard Wars
Pirates Vikings Knights
Vampire Slayer
Underworld Bloodlines

I know this is not an easy job, but I believe you can. I'm trust you :Dhttps://s17.postimg.org/ybz16rrzj/image.jpg

tschumann 03-12-2016 00:05

Re: Sandbot v0.3
Yeah support for Classic mode still needs a fair bit of work. I think the reason marines are so good is that they aim perfectly regardless of how dark it is - I started looking into how to fix this more work is required (getting the light level for a bot always returns 0 - I'm not sure how other mods do it but maybe getting the light level of the bot's weapon will work?). I should probably make aliens go hide when they need to upgrade too - at the moment they're not very smart about it.

Currently I'm planning to support Half-Life, Opposing Force, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress Classic, Gunman Chronicles, Natural Selection, The Ship and They Hunger which will probably keep me busy for a while.

The Storm 04-12-2016 00:38

Re: Sandbot v0.3
@tschumann Podbot_mm detect correctly light level of bots. Perhaps you can check out the code there. :)

tschumann 04-12-2016 03:32

Re: Sandbot v0.3
I just did but I'm not sure how it works.

From util.cpp:

float UTIL_IlluminationOf (edict_t *pEdict) // KWo - 23.03.2012 - rewritten - thanks to Immortal_BLG
  // this function returns a value between 0 and 100 corresponding to the entity's illumination.
  // Thanks to William van der Sterren for the human-like illumination filter computation. We
  // only consider noticeable the illuminations between 0 and 30 percent of the maximal value,
  // else it's too bright to be taken in account and we return the full illumination. The HL
  // engine allows entities to have illuminations up to 300 (hence the 75 as 30% of 300). - from RACC

  int entity_index;

  entity_index = ENTINDEX (pEdict) - 1; // get entity index

  // PMB - if pEdict is a bot, we had to create an invisible entity to correctly retrieve the
  // fakeclient's illumination (thanks to Tom Simpson from FoxBot for this engine bug fix)
  // KWo - added it for all clients - maybe there are also other bots, heh?
  if (!FNullEnt(pEdict))
      if ((entity_index >= 0) && (entity_index < 32) && (pEdict->v.flags & FL_FAKECLIENT))
        return (100 * sqrt (min (75.0, (float) pEdict->v.light_level) / 75.0));
        return (100 * sqrt (min (75.0, (float) GETENTITYILLUM (pEdict)) / 75.0));
  return (0.0);

I'm sure light_level was always 0 when I tried it on bots.
More investigation required...

The Storm 04-12-2016 12:24

Re: Sandbot v0.3
There should be a setup code somewhere that creates the invisible entity for the bot.

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