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tschumann 10-08-2016 05:42

Sandbot v0.2.1
Sandbot v0.2.1 has been released.

ModDB: http://www.moddb.com/mods/sandbot/do...s/sandbot-v021
Bots United: http://filebase.bots-united.com/inde...category&id=56

- [Day of Defeat] Bots now spawn as Allies and Axis (only the first four classes of each team) and attack each other.
- [Gunman Chronicles] Bots now use different gauss pistol modes.
- [Gunman Chronicles] Bots now know the gauss pistol is fully automatic.
- [Natural Selection] Alien bots no longer slow down when getting close to an enemy to attack.
- [Natural Selection] Bots will now rejoin after a round has ended.
- [Natural Selection] Alien bots will now become all different lifeforms.
- [Natural Selection] Stopped bots randomly pausing from time to time.
- [Natural Selection] Combat bots now upgrade more abilities.
- [Natural Selection] Marine bots will no longer upgrade when they have an enemy in combat mode.

Note that Day of Defeat support hasn't been packaged with the release but sandbot.dll/sandbot.so supports Day of Defeat if you want to try it.

RoboCop 12-09-2016 23:10

Re: Sandbot v0.2.1
Nice work!

tschumann 14-09-2016 12:14

Re: Sandbot v0.2.1

Originally Posted by RoboCop (Post 66623)
Nice work!


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