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RoboCop 27-05-2017 13:39

Need a Bots-United Forum Webmaster?
Hello I noticed this vBulletin website not been updated nor added some useful addons. Luckily I got the knowledge on vB since 2001 and legal privilege to use addons and maybe update this site.

I won't get my hopes up nor expect "yes" from you, but its better than leaving this site outdated - which it is.

The Storm 27-05-2017 16:28

Re: Need a Bots-United Forum Webmaster?
The thing that mostly concerns me is that the site is using very old vBulletin version. I've talked some time ago with Onno and Seb(the hosting administrators) about purchasing a new license but they had go silent.

If you really have legal rights to update and maintenance this forum I'll be happy to talk with them about giving you webmaster account.

RoboCop 27-05-2017 17:08

Re: Need a Bots-United Forum Webmaster?
Well when I said "not to get my hopes up", well what I meant is I couldn't use my Customer Area and Upgrade scripts onto another vB licensee owned by someone else.

The vB Licensing Terms and Conditions explains the details on this issue:


Am I allowed to run two copies of vBulletin from one license?
No. You must hold a valid vBulletin license for each individual installation of the software (regardless of whether the two installations are on the same domain name or server). For example, if you wish to install one copy of vBulletin at http://www.yourserver.com/forum1/ and another copy at http://www.yourserver.com/forum2/, you will require two licenses. Please note that the license agreement specifies that you must submit the URL where your vBulletin license(s) are installed (via the online members area). For complete licensing terms and conditions, please click here http://www.vbulletin.com/en/terms/

For testing purposes, you are allowed to have a second installation of the software but the test forum must be password protected, and not made available to the general public at any time.

And the latest vB 3 version is 3.8.11 - therefore vB3 is still supported. vBulletin 3.8.11 requires PHP 5.6.0+ and MySQL 5.5.8+, from what I see in my Members Area.

The Storm 27-05-2017 17:45

Re: Need a Bots-United Forum Webmaster?
I see. Well I will try to contact the webmasters again to check what can be done.

RoboCop 22-01-2018 10:15

Re: Need a Bots-United Forum Webmaster?
I wasn't sure if you are aware but Paul Marsden had left vBulletin as lead developer 8 months ago and vB had declared that versions vB 3 and 4 are only updated for critical security patches.

I can't give you a definite answer but he could offer private support and upgrades as it appears he isn't authorised by Internet Brands to offer updates to vB3 publicly, despite that he is testing his own vB3 for PHP 7.2 compatibility.

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