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RoboCop 24-05-2018 19:07

Re: Turn off Bots shooting back after Teamattack
Also you can try YaPB which are compatible with PODBot waypoints. I've been using the beta builds for CS 1.6 and CZero but don't appear stable on my Linux server. I'm currently using YAPB v2.73.4549.0


Mordekay 25-05-2018 15:51

Re: Turn off Bots shooting back after Teamattack
As i'm also on linux they are not an option.

KWo 27-05-2018 10:37

Re: Turn off Bots shooting back after Teamattack

Originally Posted by The Storm (Post 67089)
They are available in the filebase along with the latest build:

The latest sources of podbot mm I was working on are here:

RoboCop 27-05-2018 14:20

Re: Turn off Bots shooting back after Teamattack
I'll see if I can recompile that latest src code on my side. However I suggest we remove the AMD64 support and use GCC 4.8.

Mordekay 28-05-2018 14:28

Re: Turn off Bots shooting back after Teamattack
I'd be happy if you would share your compiled version with me.

RoboCop 28-05-2018 16:50

Re: Turn off Bots shooting back after Teamattack
1 Attachment(s)
I've recompiled POD-Bot build as V3B23-APG but didn't alter the headers nor cpp files except for "PBMM_VERSION_STRING" from bot.h. I did some adjustments to the Makefile as well removed AMD64 support as well removed the _i386 suffix and named it as "podbot_mm.so" to make the name short and simple.

I used Hullu's MetaMod-P37 src header files and HLSDK 2.3p4 and they seem to recompile well together. As for the the optimisation and base flags I've added SSE2 support and for i686 Arch with G++ 4.8 and had to add "-m32" to ensure it compiles as a 32-bit binary only.

Here is PB V3B23-APG Linux build!

Also I tried to attach it as a Tarball Gzip file, but it appears vBulletin Attachment needs to allow file extension for the tar.gz or even tar.xz to be uploaded so I had to compress it as a regular .zip file.


Update: it appears this Linux build needs some fixes as my GDB spotted a crash error:-

PHP Code:

Thread 1 "hlds_linux" received signal SIGSEGVSegmentation fault.
0xf2ba81fc in WaypointFindNearestToMove(edict_s*, Vector) () from /home/desktop/steamcmd/hlds/cstrike/addons/podbot/podbot_mm.so
#0  0xf2ba81fc in WaypointFindNearestToMove(edict_s*, Vector) ()
from /home/desktop/steamcmd/hlds/cstrike/addons/podbot/podbot_mm.so
#1  0xf2b8b8d7 in BotClient_CS_BombDrop(void*, int) () from /home/desktop/steamcmd/hlds/cstrike/addons/podbot/podbot_mm.so
#2  0xf2ba0ff0 in pfnWriteCoord(float) () from /home/desktop/steamcmd/hlds/cstrike/addons/podbot/podbot_mm.so
#3  0xf3a1d7aa in api_caller_void_args_f(void const*, void const*) ()
from /home/desktop/steamcmd/hlds/./cstrike/addons/metamod/metamod.so
#4  0xf3a1c78f in main_hook_function_void(unsigned int, enum_api_t, unsigned int, void const*) ()
from /home/desktop/steamcmd/hlds/./cstrike/addons/metamod/metamod.so
#5  0xf3a22163 in mm_WriteCoord(float) () from /home/desktop/steamcmd/hlds/./cstrike/addons/metamod/metamod.so
#6  0xf3846687 in CBasePlayer::DropPlayerItem (this=0x80cbf40, pszItemName=<optimized out>) at ../cstrike/dlls/player.cpp:9042
#7  0xf38472c1 in CBasePlayer::Killed (this=0x80cbf40, pevAttacker=0xf4332acc, iGib=1) at ../cstrike/dlls/player.cpp:2566
#8  0xf364b8c2 in ?? () from /home/desktop/steamcmd/hlds/cstrike/addons/AGuard/dlls/AGuard_mm_i386.so
Backtrace stoppedprevious frame inner to this frame (corrupt stack?) 

Mordekay 04-06-2018 13:31

Re: Turn off Bots shooting back after Teamattack
What about if you simply compile the source-code untouched exept removed the part of the revenge shootings of the bots?

KWo 06-06-2018 22:12

Re: Turn off Bots shooting back after Teamattack
About team revenge - find in the file botcombat.cpp the function called FireHurtsFriend and find there following lines:
PHP Code:

   if (!FNullEnt (tr.pHit))
ENTINDEX (tr.pHit) - 1;
      if ((
>= 0) && (gpGlobals->maxClients))  // KWo - 13.03.2006
         if ((
clients[i].iTeam == pBot->bot_team) && (pEdict->v.dmg_inflictor != clients[i].pEdict)
            && ((
clients[i].iFlags CLIENT_ALIVE) || (clients[i].fDeathTime >= gpGlobals->time)))  // KWo - 18.01.2011
            if (
ALERT (at_logged,"[DEBUG] FireHurtsFriend - Bot %s cannot fire because it may hurt its friend %s (1).\n"pBot->nameSTRING (clients[i].pEdict->v.netname));

            return (

and change the part:
PHP Code:

(pEdict->v.dmg_inflictor != clients[i].pEdict

this way:
PHP Code:

((pEdict->v.dmg_inflictor != clients[i].pEdict) || 
pEdict->v.dmgtime 1.5 <= gpGlobals->time)) 

That should at least reduce the time for team revenges to maximum 1.5 sec from the time the bot got hurt by its friend. If that will not be enough satisfying - reduce the time to 1s. I would not reccommend to remove at all the team revenge function. Adding the cvar to on/off the team revenge function is more complicated and I don't have time to elaborate it.</div>

About that segmentation fault - compile the *.so file with debug flag enabled (in my makefile there was a way how to make the debuged version). Then it should write more details in gdb to let You narrow down the problem with the crash.

RoboCop 06-06-2018 23:25

Re: Turn off Bots shooting back after Teamattack
It will take a while for me to change that .cpp line as I've just got my new PC delivered and need to use apt-get install for GCC and more on my new Linux machine. I'll try to switch to Debug compile mode and use -g or maybe -ggdb flags.

Mordekay 07-06-2018 15:58

Re: Turn off Bots shooting back after Teamattack
If someone could gave me a link to a tutorial on how to compile this or, if it is not to much work the needed commands i would do this on my own:helpsmilie:

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