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op1e 14-03-2005 04:16

want to convert DOD avalanche over to CS 1.6
I played DOD all day today just on this map alone and it got me thinking. This would be freakin great on my CS bot server. I know waypoints would be a problem but I could take a stab at them. Maybe get some help from those fabulous dudes who did cs_italy_remake for me. I read on a post that you could just copy and paste it out of the one directory into the other and it would just be a deathmatch map, but my steam-based DOD doesnt have a map file and cant find it to dowload and try since its a default map. Theres a map out there called cs_avalanche but nothing like it at all. I guess the easiest way would be to make it an fy map, but putting hostages at the axis spawn point would be cool too. Or imagine putting one bomb site right in the middle of the market where the center flag is! That would be a hard plant. Well anyhoo, point me in the right direction. I'm looking forward to this.

op1e 15-03-2005 00:16

Re: want to convert DOD avalanche over to CS 1.6
alright! I got the map in my cstrike folder and it works. Time to start waypointing. This will be my first time doing this, and on this map its gonna be rediculous, but in the end, very worth it. If anyone else wants to take a stab at this, just google the wad and google the bsp and theyre easy to find.

AssasinoRuso 19-05-2005 21:19

Re: want to convert DOD avalanche over to CS 1.6
----programming way----
I guess if you really wonna get down and dirty you could make it work.... you'll have to program tho ;)... The trick would be to add a command to a bot's source code and adding a client command to give you your coordinates.... then choose two spots on the map that have enough room to spawn both teams.... then move all spawn points to those coordinates you got.

----not programming way----
Another thing would be to decompile the map. It does work but it ruins a lot of the maps parts. So if you know how to map, you'd have to go through and fix all the stuff that messes up in decompiling... an example of this be, messed up texture alignment, holes in buildings, weird shaped walls or openings.

the programming way would actually be an interesting project... if you wonna give it a shot holla at me on aim: Dmitri Serge Jr or msn: gib_rekcah@hotmail.com

hope that helps

Austin 20-05-2005 06:39

Re: want to convert DOD avalanche over to CS 1.6
You can convert the map.
You have to edit the entities which you can do without decompiling the map.

Go here fo rmore information:

You will find information on converting a map from one mod to another and also information on converting from one map type to another, like making de_dust into cs_dust or what ever you want.

Two tools make this easier.
BSPEdit from the file base gives you a really easy way to edit the entities.

BSPEdit_mm makes it child's play to add/remove/move the spawnpoints.
(but it currenlty only works running under cz, got to fix that..)

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