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Fixer 21-03-2015 23:51

[v3b22c] Walking into the doors or climbing
Have you noticed some problems with walking into the doors or climbing sometimes?

Imagine doorway to the right near spawn at de_cbble, few bots stuck in the door, and after few seconds they manage to overcome that problem. But not that excellent, they sometime scrub the door by the side and oh boy... try hard to walk into for few seconds on some maps (and succeed but it looks somewhat crappy).

Or cs_assault - ladder into the tube, bot goes into it very slowly with problems, looks like he does not even decide to walk in or not to walk in.

Or cs_militia, way to the left to the underground tube, it is madness with this ladder. Terrorists will die waiting for them.

After some of these walking fiascos I've rage quitted and edited my metamod, so I have Podbot MM with YAPB shuffled and it mitigates the problem somewhat (less door problems), it is interesting that PBmm+YAPB rather complement each other, canceling each other minuses :yinyang: (and probably adding brand new problems).

ANTICHRISTUS REX 23-03-2015 14:38

Re: [v3b22c] Walking into the doors or climbing
v3b22c ??

there are some other minor problems too, when a node is too close to a "breakable entity", bots stuck there.

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