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CoCoNUT 07-11-2006 09:10

Waypoint-editor tested
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Hi, I just tested the waypoint-editor and it works great. There are two little things I saw: CT and T-important waypoints have no colour. The passage in the waypoint-readme about path-making needs an update I think (the new method in yapb is much better).

de_esl_autumn -waypoints added: the latest esl mapping-contest winner by Gimli, www.gimli-maps.de

Download map:

Ancient 07-11-2006 12:56

Re: Waypoint-editor tested

I don't use the yapb waypoint menus and waypoints much, I just use a simple convertor.
So I wouldn't notice much :(
I guess its time for me to be more diverse :D

jeefo 07-11-2006 15:53

Re: Waypoint-editor tested
Thanks, sure i'll update the documentation... ;)

CoCoNUT 07-11-2006 17:25

Re: Waypoint-editor tested
@Ancient: I had a look at the waypoints on your site for de_esl_autumn. Many places are without waypoints and two passages are completely without waypoints (sewers and inside the house between A and B). I remember BKA-Twrecks made very good waypoints for Podbot_mm but Ive been out of business for a long time. Soulfather and a few others also did great waypoints. I learned much from them I remember...

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