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SexualChocolate 13-02-2004 13:53

Changing the Bots skins/name and Verion 4
Hiya Folks,
Is it possible to change the name/skin of the a bot depending on what map is being?

Also when you say that Version 4 is now a metamod plugin. Does that mean that the Bot no longer has to be called from the command line? But can be fired up in the same way as other MM plugins ie Stripper2, Spawn_prot, etc?

Love and peace.

Ps Good work on the site. Excellent

Pierre-Marie Baty 13-02-2004 14:36

Re: Changing the Bots skins/name
I don't think so.... unless you're a coder and you hack the source code to implement this feature.

SexualChocolate 13-02-2004 15:10

Re: Changing the Bots skins/name
Is that about the name or the plugin?

botman 13-02-2004 15:23

Re: Changing the Bots skins/name
The HPB bot supports a different .cfg file for each map (based on map name, see the HPB_bot_ReadMe.txt file).

You can create a separate bot .cfg file for each map and specifiy in that .cfg which name/skin you want to use for those bots. So, yes, you can create bots with specific names/skins for specific maps, no coding required.


SexualChocolate 16-02-2004 12:51

Re: Changing the Bots skins/name
That worked a treat. Next question is it possible to have a specific Bot.text file for each map. ie on Boot_camp the bot would say different things to what he would say on Frenzy?


botman 16-02-2004 23:12

Re: Changing the Bots skins/name
Nope. There is currently only one HPB_bot_chat.txt file and it will be used for all maps.


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