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stefanhendriks 03-08-2008 17:56

Pulled the plug
Read the news at http://realbot.bots-united.com

You may react, rant, discuss, offer money/fame/glory, shout, get mad, celibrate, etc here.

As long as you obey to the BU rules that is.

The Storm 03-08-2008 20:26

Re: Pulled the plug
What can I say - GG. :P

Minh-Lo-Hwang 04-08-2008 00:06

Re: Pulled the plug
I want to say "Thank you!".

Thank you for the great Realbot Versions, for your Time, Energy, Patience etc.

Good Luck with your future Projects, and have the best day every day :)

Count Floyd 05-08-2008 11:51

Take care Stefan !
That's weird, because you sounded so motivated in your latest posts. Perhaps you just need a longer break. My own experience is that a change to a different game/engine keeps motivation up. Also you might want to work on something other than navigation, just trying things out to have a good time.
Anyway, if this is your final decision I also would like to thank you and take care, we both went through some fun & interesting times.

Ancient 05-08-2008 21:33

Re: Take care Stefan !
Trying to reinvent the wheel will only make you a better developer. :)

Krillin 06-09-2008 03:46

Re: Pulled the plug
We came here looking for progress on the latest version release. To our surprise we hear the author is 'Quitting' on us.

This only happened for two main reasons:
1) Lack of a stable program for servers.
2) Lack of feedback from administrators who use it. (Perhaps due to lack of debugging tools and or information).

When we offered our resources back a bit ago, we indeed saw this coming. Mainly from lack of activity here.

Where we stand. Well, you are not going to find another program like this anywhere on this planet. A bot program that starts out as an infant and over time learns by observing how live players play and maturing to absolute perfection. Truly remarkable and not reproducible.

RealBot will be missed. But we give up on trying to find a bot program to run within Counter-Strike 1.6. If we want bots, we will run Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. We do not know enough to take over this project otherwise we would.

It would be nice if someone can step up and take over this project to continue with it while Stephan takes some time off to do his day to day things. And maybe participate and get caught up on the project.

Don't throw it away! It is too good to waste like that.


Bluesman 19-09-2008 01:07

Re: Pulled the plug

Originally Posted by stefanhendriks (Post 58725)
Read the news at http://realbot.bots-united.com

You may react, rant, discuss, offer money/fame/glory, shout, get mad, celibrate, etc here.

As long as you obey to the BU rules that is.

I will take a beer (or five) for Realbot! Thanks for all your hard work thru many years. I still remember when I wrote news about Realbot to the CSBot-site @ Planethalflife...those where the days!


Minh-Lo-Hwang 19-09-2008 11:07

Re: Pulled the plug

Yeah, great, great Times. I miss them! :blush:

stefanhendriks 14-05-2009 13:49

Re: Pulled the plug
Woah. I've been away for some time now. But all the kind reactions really made me wish it was still the old days.

Especially with the experience I've gathered now I bet I could do much better.

Why does it always itch to try again when I am around here. Although I am so busy with RL.

Thanks again for all the kind words and for the best experience ever. Who knows I might re-plug the plug :). But today I can't tell.

TruB 13-01-2010 18:19

Re: Pulled the plug
hehe, longtime no see, I dont blame you for sticking to RB this long rather impressed. I dont know how many who uses your bot or even people playing with bots for CS and hl, but I doubt they are many. playing against real people is in and bots is more of history in MP games. left4dead makes good use of them but its just a compliment.

Wish you good luck for the future and thank your for the time you spent on the bot that I used back in the day when one had a crappy internetz connection.

oh, and let me be the first to congratulate you on your 27 birthday this 17th. One reason i came in, a mail from this site on my birthday, (not today ;) )

any responses to this post may not be read by me :p

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