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MarD 14-03-2005 01:14

[Release] RCbot Svencoop ETC Waypointpack Revision 1.0

Yet again, I waypoint SvenCoop camapgins cause I'm teh coop fr34k. :)



Originally Posted by ThE_MarD's Readme

I made these waypoints for the fun of it all. Now remember, these levels weren't designed for bot usage in mind.

I'm proud to say the bots have the potential to beat the whole campaign without human aid! :)

The only part that takes the bots forever to get done is escorting barney to the pad on "etc0b". I suggest doing this part yourself since bots take a long time.. I waited maybe 30 mins and eventually one wandered there with barney. :P

Just extract it into your "$moddir\rcbot\waypoints\svencoop" folder and pwn. :D

Later-a-much, and LONG LIVE THE D!
ę ThE_MarŠ

Add this to waypoints united there Bio. :)

biohazerd87 14-03-2005 02:09

Re: [Release] RCbot Svencoop ETC Waypointpack Revision 1.0
added pending upload

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