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Twistedfreak146 31-12-2004 00:17

IvPBot w/ adminmod??
Im new to adminmod and to bots. Well i got them both working just i can get them to work together. If adminmod loads the IvPBots wont. Can u guys help me?

MarD 31-12-2004 23:52

Re: IvPBot w/ adminmod??

Make sure you have the latest edition of metamod and adminmod... that should help.

Are you running AMX mod too? if so, you definately need the latest version of that cause older one's aren't bot-friendly....

I also believe you're supposed to have the bot load before any mods, so take that into account...

This thread should be moved to the IVPbot section of the forum....

Pierre-Marie Baty 02-01-2005 16:16

Re: IvPBot w/ adminmod??
right :)

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