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Tiger 05-01-2007 18:35

Final Objective on Axis Cannon(mp_cannon)
Hello. I have made the main objective route for capturing the flag, dynamiting the entry door, and dynamiting the Axis gun. It worked perfectly a few times, but more often than not the engineers go to the entry door and other bots go for the flag, and everything works out perfectly, save for the fact that the engineers go back to the captured flag and stay around that area instead of going to the Axis gun. I looked up Group ID's and goal trackers but the flag capture should remain as the same Group ID as the two dynamite tasks. I did not set the objective of destroying the Axis gun to a different Group ID because Allies can get to it before destroying the entry door without a problem.

Also, I have one more question. In this map there is a wooden obstacle, so I am having Mercury remove it for me. He will send me the edited map to me and I will continue waypointing that map from the point I am on now. The map will have the same file name, etc., so is it possible to just copy-paste the current .nav file into the edited map once he gets it to me? I don't want to have to start from scratch if I don't have to. Thanks in advance.


CrapShoot 07-01-2007 06:40

Re: Final Objective on Axis Cannon(mp_cannon)
sorry for the late response; completely missed this thread.

Sounds like you have got quite a bit done, nice work. In order to answer the first question, I would need to see the waypoints. Without seeing it, the only advice I can give is to check the entity number of the axis gun's dynamite action. Also, follow the waypoints and make sure you have a complete path to them.

Renaming the nav and script files should be fine as long as the map maker doesn't do anything drastic to it. Would be a good idea to run through and double check your entity numbers before adding a bot to the map though.

Tiger 12-01-2007 05:19

Re: Final Objective on Axis Cannon(mp_cannon)
Hello. Thanks for the reply. I will be happy to send you the .nav file for you to see if you have the map. I have only routed the main route for Allied engineers and the spawn capture, so not that much has been done, really. However, considering I did it all in two days after only having started learning to waypoint isn't too bad timing wise. I've been busy over the last week so I have not gone back to it, but I will continue working on it tomorrow and so forth. I expect the map to be completed within a week and a half at latest. As for why the engineers only go for one objective and not the other, I cannot say why. Maybe if I can send you the .nav file you can see what I may be doing wrong? Let me know how I can send you the actual waypoints. Thanks for the reply-


*Also, the entity numbers seem to be fine*

CrapShoot 12-01-2007 05:27

Re: Final Objective on Axis Cannon(mp_cannon)
I pm'd you email info

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